35 Affordable Hobbies That Let You Spend Time On Them Not Money

If you are one of those people who has to adhere to a budget, then you are one of those who cannot afford to spend money on things like hobbies. However, that does not mean that you should not have a hobby at all. In fact, here are some hobbies that will provide you relaxation without you having to spend money:

Do something intellectually beneficial:

1. Take up reading: This is probably the most frugal of hobbies that you can pick up which will help you pass the time and expand your intellect too.

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2. Start writing: Again another hobby that does not cost much if at all, and keeps your mind engaged in an effective way.

3. Take up drawing: With this simple means of some pencils and paper, you can have a hobby that is interesting and very creative.

4. Pick up a new language: This is one hobby that will not only engage you but also provide you with a means to earn once you become proficient at it.

5. Listen to pod casts: This is another way to keep yourself entertained in a cost effective manner. You will soon find yourself absorbed in this pastime.

Physical fitness:

1. Take up running: This is one of the ways to pass time and a hobby that will keep you healthy and active. All you need is some suitable clothes, a good pair of shoes and some good music to listen to.

2. Swim: This may not be totally without costs, but can be an immensely satisfying way to pass the time which makes it a great hobby to take up.

3. Cycle away: Once you have invested some money in buying a bike, this is a good hobby to stay fit and beat the stress.

4. Surfing: If your residence is near the ocean, then investing in a secondhand board to take up surfing is a hobby that you will truly enjoy. It will not cost much and the joy it brings you will be immense.

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5. Take up snorkeling: Again once you invest in the gear; it is a great way to keep yourself busy. You can even convert a broom handle into a spear and with the use of an inner tube from a bike you can even catch some fish.

Some online pursuits:

1. Take up surfing the net: This is something that you can pursue any time and you will find it a great hobby to take up to pass time without spending too much money. You will find a treasure trove of information and entertainment online.

2. Keep yourself informed of world affairs: You can become a news aficionado and pick up tidbits of information from around the world.

3. Take up designing on the web: This is a hobby that is not only fun and interesting, but also has the potential to make money.

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4. Play online free games: This is another pursuit that is absorbing and free of cost.

5. Become an arbitrator on eBay: You can buy cheaper objects on eBay and sell it elsewhere for a profit.

Some outdoor activities:

1. Start fishing: if you are near water and have access to a boat, then this can be a really interesting and affordable hobby.

2. Start gardening: An outdoor pastime that also enables you to grow things that you can use around the home.

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3. Guerilla gardening: This is an extreme thing to do like planting plants in common spaces so that everyone has access to them.

4. Bush walking: Getting back to nature is the best hobby that you can have.

5. Camping out: This can be a fun hobby to be taken up as a group and enjoy the outdoors and adventures.

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Social hobbies:

1. Be the host for gaming nights: This is a great way to spend time and socialize without having to spend much money.
2. Build a family tree: Go back to the roots of your family and create a family tree tracing it back over the centuries.

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3. Reach out to friends: This helps you and the other person too.
4. Take up music: You can form a group and enjoy listening to music as a group.
5.Start playing with kids: This is a very satisfying albeit economical pastime to take up.

Take up hobbies, which require new skills:

1. Take up cooking: The best part of cooking as a hobby is that you save money, enjoy yourself and get to eat what you cook.

2. Start a side business: You can actually try and convert a hobby into a nice secondary income like designing websites, writing blogs etc.

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3. Take up juggling: Anything that requires some dexterity can be a good hobby to take up.

4. Create a scrapbook: This hobby can be about any subject that you are interested in.

5. Take up crafts: Again a hobby that is cheap to begin with and has the potential to pay for itself.

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Community related hobbies:

1. Volunteer activities
2. Following a team of sports
3. Mentor others
4. Lobbying
5. Community gardening


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