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30 Decorative and Useful Rope Knot Ideas

30 Decorative and Useful Rope Knot Ideas

Actually we don’t give much importance in learning rope knots as it doesn’t have much importance in our daily life. But for sure we should learn at least 10 types of knot at least for general use. Most people will say that rope knots are mainly useful for the mountaineers, sailors, climbers, arborists or the

11 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes from your Home

Perhaps the most irritating creature in your house is the mosquitoes flying all over. Actually we feel them mostly in the summer and the winter time. At times situation becomes so tough that you can hardly work or sleep comfortably. Yes there are various chemicals available in the market which gives us some relief but

35 Extremely Beautiful Illusion Drawings

Painting is a very beautiful branch of art and we human beings are always fascinated towards it. The most amazing thing of a painting is that it can make anything realistic. Like if you talk about the ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo da Vinci, the picture itself makes the woman so realistic that you will find

40 Useful Dining Table Decoration Ideas

Dining table is very important in that sense as when you invite guests at home, this the main place where your guest will be spending the most crucial time eating and gossiping. Whether it’s a holiday dinner party or a weekend meal it’s the only place where we come together with our guests. So importantly,