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30 Cool Examples of Using Chalkboard Paint in your House

30 Cool Examples of Using Chalkboard Paint in your House

You may sometimes feel jealous about the teachers as they always have the fun writing on chalkboards. The growing trends in the interior designing have allowed us to come up with very special ideas inside our home, which we never thought about before. Chalkboard painting inside our house is a great idea to liven up

Difference between Hobbies and Interests

There are many words in English language that we use almost for a similar meaning. But sometimes they do have a bit different meaning inspite of being closely related to each other. No, they are not regarded as synonyms but actually come with different definition and inner meaning. Hobbies and Interests are such two words

30 Amazing New Street Art Ideas

Time has gone when art and paintings were only a part of galleries. Nowadays it happens beyond exhibitions. Actually, some modern movements in the world of art have proved that canvas can be made anywhere. Paintings can be made at anything and that also can be done very creatively. Today we will be talking about

15 Cool Best Friend Gift Ideas

Best friends are always special to us. Aren’t they? And we like to surprise them on the special occasions with different gift ideas. Now gifting somebody is an art. And it comprises all of your emotions. A gift conveys your feelings to your BFF. So while choosing a gift you should keep some little things