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10 Simple and Easy Girl Toddler Hairstyle (Even Dads can do)

10 Simple and Easy Girl Toddler Hairstyle (Even Dads can do)

Style your daughter’s hair to her school! The most time-consuming activity is doing up your daughter’s hair for the day. In the morning time everyone is in a rush and sometimes it is expected for the father to take care of the child, let alone doing their hair. So for the super dads out there,

40 Cool Face Painting Ideas For Kids

A school event, a family outing or just another lazy weekend, you do not need any specific reason for some Cool Face painting ideas for kids! All charged up to get some amazing ideas, then gear up! Because you want to be the first person to have a kid wearing such cute looks. It’s time

30 Good Manners Your Kids Must Have

Your kids are distinguished on account of their good manners. No matter how intelligent or brilliant your kids are, if they are not well mannered, they are going to be hated in society. So being parents, your primary responsibility is to reinforce good manners in your kids. And today’s article deals with numbers of those

12 Amazing and Simple DIY Soft Toys for Babies

Another great article for the DIY lovers on the shelf as we have come up with an article to make beautiful and simple DIY soft toys for the babies. Due to the recent trend, people have nowadays become much more self sufficient and for that the urge of making various types of things on our