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20 Date Ideas To Make Your Relationship Purer

There are layers of a relationship. Romance is only one of these layers. So, that means only the romance aspect of your bond can’t keep it alive, there is much more that needs to be incorporated into the relationship to help it last. One of these elements is friendship. So far so good! But if

10 Ways To Getting Rid Of Bad Smells From Your Fridge

It’s a hot summer day and you are desperately craving a cold and rejuvenating drink. You head towards the fridge, open the door and get blasted with a reeking odor. The drink, your mood, and your smelling senses are all devastated. If this has been happening to you quite often then it’s time to pay

45 Cool DIY Door Knobs and Handles Ideas

The same old knobs and handles can become exhausting to the eyes after a point of time. How about infusing creativity in everyday things with some DIY ideas? With drawer handles, switch plates, door and window knobs being daily essentials, it is a real treat to the eyes if you manage to out some superb

Important Basic Tips to Paint Glass Objects

Painting is a popular form of art since ancient times, it’s an incredible expression that reflects your inner feelings, a personalized way to see the world surrounding through your eyes. Glass objects like – big jars, tumblers, drinking glasses, photo frames, eye glasses etc. are amongst the most challenging items to paint in this highly