25 Cool and Acceptable Ways to say Sorry

Every human make mistakes and it is a very common proverb. Which is the only reason why the word sorry comes into value. It may be anyone, your friend, family member, someone you love or significant whom you have angered. But there is always a way. You can make them feel special again with some interesting ways. It’s not that the word sorry carries all its value, but actually there are some ways and ideas by which you can make them special by telling sorry. Actually the key to forgiveness is making the other person smile. So thinking of that, we’ve brought some cool ideas to say sorry that can help you out.

Cool and Acceptable Ways to say Sorry:

1. If you’ve fought with someone in your home, just do a thing. Buy two tickets for a movie and attach them to any of the outfit that you like the most. Take the outfit out from the wardrobe and keep it on the bed.

2. A very creative way to say sorry is to write small and secret messages and place it on the places the person would never imagine. For example you can keep the paper inside a closet or under the coffee maker.

3. Sticky notes are very useful in case of saying sorry. It works great in different occasions. Write down the reasons why you love the person and stick it on their desk or on the bathroom mirror. Try to make them super funny.

4. If the person you want to say sorry loves candy very much then you can make something creative with candies he or she loves. Create ‘I’m Sorry’ or ‘I love you’ by using candies.

5. Make a homemade cake and use it for apologizing. It is a solution to many things. Use the icing to write down a cute apology message on top the cake and now it’s a very creative way to apologize.

25 Cool Ideas to Say Sorry 1

6. Order a favorite ice cold drink and pack it on a package with ‘Let’s break the ice’ written on it. This will bring two of your closer.

7. If it’s a matter between husband and wife, order for customized cup cakes with ‘I am Sorry’ and ‘I love you’ messages written on it. Serve it in the bed to your husband or wife in the bed.

8. Now you have to write a poem. If you are thinking that you have a very bad poetic skill, no matter it is better for you. The more weak your skill is, the more silly your poem will be. And that’s the loveliest thing.

9. Write down this message ‘Can we erase everything and start all over again?’ in a chalkboard and hang it in the place where you’re beloved is most likely to see it.

10. If you have a recorder at home, record a little voice note using their favorite song and use the phrase ‘I am Sorry’ several times to make it very beautiful and touchy.

25 Cool Ideas to Say Sorry 2

11. Order the favorite food to their office and attach a note on it “I am Sorry for what I have said when I was hungry”. This is something very thoughtful and will bring a smile on face.

12. This is a bit tough as it needs a lot of research but now it has become easier because of Google translate. Write down ‘I am Sorry’ in different languages in a piece of paper and copy it. Distribute it everywhere and make them visible and understand you’re feeling sorry.

13. You can also buy a bag of Hershey’s kisses and offer it by writing that ‘you are the best kisser’, ‘I love you’ and ‘I am sorry’ notes inside. This is really a great idea.

14. Make a collage of your old photos and stick a note at the bottom saying ‘I am Sorry’ and send that to their house. Even you can stick it to their bedroom.

15. Buy a new pair of flip flops and attach a message written ‘I will make things flip instead of flop if you forgive me’. This really looks very nice.

25 Cool Ideas to Say Sorry 3

16. Buy I am Sorry printed t-shirt from any online store and wear it around them all day long. It’s worth the embarrassment.

17. Using a market write down countless ‘I am Sorry’ on the toilet paper and roll it over again neatly so that they get surprised.

18. Secretly put “I am sorry and I won’t stop until you accept my apology” notes in your loved ones pocket, socks, sunglass case, laptop bags and car mirror.

19. Dress up with your old Halloween costumes and give a surprise to your loved ones when they return home. This will remind them how hot you are. This is a great way to get apologized when you want to say sorry.

20. Create a custom background on the laptop, desktop or tablet’s with ‘I am sorry’ written message. So whenever they open the gazette, they will easily see this one and feel for you.

25 Cool Ideas to Say Sorry 4

21. Cuddling and whispering them into their ears and saying ‘I am sorry’ is really very effective. Do this for a long time and don’t let them go away.

22. You can hardly remember when you have got a hand written letter. Yes handwritten letters have some feelings in them. So write such a letter with beautiful apologizing message and give them with your own hand not by post.

23. Try to make beautiful arts. May be you are not a good artist but the painting is going to be a super cute. Remember your childhood and imagine the way you painted at that time.

24. Massage is a get way to get relaxation. So everyone love’s a good massage. Get some tips from the internet and start doing that to do that as a medium of saying sorry. But remember that it is only possible for some of them you are very close with.

25. Making various types of food that your loved one like the most is also a great way to make them feel something for you.

25 Cool Ideas to Say Sorry 5

So it’s time to do the one which you liked the most. Choose the right thing that’s going to work and if it is a really serious one, you will have to try something different. These all are for some small mistakes and fight.


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