10 Costliest Hobbies That You Can Have

Hobbies can be an expensive thing to do sometimes depending on what activities you pick up. In case you think you are spending too much on your hobby, then you can take a look at the list of expensive hobbies given here to compare what you spend versus the ones given here:

Having a Home Aquarium
This is a pastime that has a history dating back to the Roman Empire. In today’s world having an aquarium at home can cost anywhere between 600 dollars to more than that depending on the kind of inhabitants in the aquarium and the kind of care they need.

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Hunting for Big Game
If you like, hunting and that too for bigger game, then you can be sure that it is an expensive hobby. You have to factor in not only the cost of licensing fees, the ammunition, the food, the travel as well as other expenses that are associated with this hobby to have a fair idea about the costs.


Drag Racing
This is a sport that costs a pretty penny especially when you think of the costs of the car for racing. In this sport the costs are high and so are the risks since speeds can go up to as much as 300 miles per hour.?

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Playing Polo

Since this hobby involves horses and being out on them while you play polo, you can imagine it must be an expensive hobby to have. You have to factor in cost of joining a club and keeping up with expensive equipment and also the cost of other things to take up this sport as a hobby.

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Cigarette Boat Racing
Since this is a sport that involves being on the beach and racing at really high speeds you can imagine the over all costs of having this sport as a hobby.

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Equestrian Activities
Owning a horse, housing and feeding it and then training it to walk, run and jump over obstacles is not something that is for someone with a limited budget. You will need to factor in the cost of your dress and practice time as well.?

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Hot air Balloon Flying
Being up in the air as you float above while looking down on places and people sounds like a lot of fun and a great activity to take up and it is. However, it comes at a pretty steep price as you can well imagine.

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Luxury car Collection
This is something that is obviously an expensive habit not only for the cost of buying the cars but also the cost of housing them and maintaining them. There is no doubt that this is an expensive hobby for anyone to take up.

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Racing Yachts for Sailing
This is again an obviously expensive hobby due to the cost of having or hiring a yacht. Plus there are things like the docking fees, maintenance as well as insurance.

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Art and Antique Collectiophon
Only people who have plenty of money to spare can afford to have this habit. The cost of art is not only about buying it, but it also extends to taking good care of the art, having a nice place for it as well as the cost of insurance which can be pretty high.

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As you can see, the hobbies that are listed above definitely qualify to be classified as the most expensive hobbies. Not only are they pricey to start with in terms of the investment required but also have recurring expenses over time. All these factors combined puts them plumb in the category of being among the most expensive hobbies of all time.


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