10 Cute and Cozy DIY Slipper Ideas

Slippers are something that we like to slip into for the sake of feeling comfortable. Though they are worn for comfort, often we also like to make them look special. The first thing to do is collect a good pair of scissors, some glue, some bits and pieces with which you will decorate the slippers. Now that you have collected all the things you need, here are ten ways to go about it:

10 Cute and Cozy DIY Slipper Ideas

Kitten slippers: Draw and cut out the face of a cat on some stiff waterproof paper or some other material. Be sure to make a couple of them. Fill in the color and let it dry before sticking it on to the slippers.

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Sweater slipper boots: You can actually put an old sweater to good use by creating warm slippers out of them. Cut the body of the sweater to form the sole of the boots. Cut the sleeves into foot length pieces; stick the foot pieces to the sole pieces with the help of pins. Then sew the whole thing together. Your boots are ready to wear.

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Sweater slippers with a frill: Since we are talking about sweater shoes, why not go the whole hog and make things fancy by adding a side frill to the sweater shoes. You will need to carry out the whole process before adding the frill.

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Fabric slippers: Now that you have the wherewithal to make slippers, why not make something simple out of comfortable fabric that is lying without being used around the home.

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Towel Slippers: You will need to invest in some light soles that are good to wear in hot or cold climate. Then all you need to do is fashion the slippers out of old towels to make the slippers. These may look a tad big due to the materials used, but will be the ultimate in terms of comfort. You will soon be looking forward to wearing them over any other form of footwear that you wear.

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Add a bow, be fancy: This is a simple addition to any pair of footwear to bring about a special feel to them. All you need to do is take some nice colored ribbons to sew up a simple bow (you can fold up the ribbon, sew the ends to make a loop and then tie a bit of ribbon in the middle to make a bow) and then stick it on the pair of slippers. Alternately you can also make a bow by tying up the ribbon, starching it and then sew it up and use this bow to stick it on the slippers.

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Open toe slippers: All you need to do is an old pair of slide on footwear that you can trace out the pattern that you want to cut out. Draw the area that you want to cut out and then cut it the right way on both the slippers. Leave a flap of extra bit hanging that you can stitch up so that the slippers have a well-finished look. If you feel fancy and feel up to it, then you can add a button in the center to give the slippers a nicer look.

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Sweatshirt Slippers: You can convert the old sweatshirts that you do not use around the home to make a nice pair of slippers. The process to do this is almost the same as the process that is used for making the sweater slippers.

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Tie on slippers: Buy a pair of rubber soles; get some fabric that you want to use for the slippers to make up the slipper. The additional advantage of these slippers is that you can cut the slippers part loosely and then thread the laces through, which can then be used to tighten the slippers when you wear them.

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Kimono like slippers: This pair of shoes needs a few fancy moves on your behalf to create the kimono effect but the basics of the slipper remains the same. But once you look at the picture, you will realize that it is eminently doable.

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