10 Foods you should never refrigerate

Normally we all use refrigerator in our home. But actually we misuse it. It’s our habit to put all the things into refrigerator to keep it fresh and intact. But is it right what we are doing? Actually refrigerator is a very useful home appliance but we should know the things which should kept in it. Refrigerator is actually not your cool shelf that you will store whatever you wish to. Stop refrigerating each and every thing. It will actually do the opposite of preservation. So there are some very common things that we mostly refrigerate but it is not at all the right thing we are doing. Know about these goods.

Foods you should never refrigerate:

Honey: There is a misconception among us that honey stays good when it is stored in cool temperature. But actually you should never put the honey container in your fridge. It will turn into a crystallized junk in such case. Try to store it in normal room temperature to get it in good condition.

10 Foods you should never Refrigerate 1

Tomatoes: Taste a fresh tomato and a refrigerated tomato; you will get the difference very easily. Tomatoes actually start losing its flavor and become mushy in nature. Leave it in your kitchen shelf and it will stay in a well condition.

10 Foods you should never Refrigerate 2

Apples: Apples are also just like tomatoes and they also lose their flavor. Not only that, apples loses their taste also. It will become hard and change its texture. So when you bring apples in your home just keep it in a bowl or a fruit basket.

10 Foods you should never Refrigerate 3

Onions: Some people think that keeping onions in fridge will keep them fresh. But not at all onions become soft in fridge and will become rotten after a few days. Additionally, onion has a powerful scent and each and every food stored in the fridge will catch that smell. So is it a wise decision to fridge them?

10 Foods you should never Refrigerate 4

Bread: Normally, it’s true that we store bread in fridge but actually when it is refrigerated, it starts drying out faster. So if you want to get a fresh slice, put it in your cupboard or a bread box that you will be getting from the market.

10 Foods you should never Refrigerate 5

Oils: We don’t know whether you keep it in the refrigerator or not, but actually oils should never be kept in fridge. It’s better to store them safe in normal temperature. If the oil has low saturated fat content like sunflower then it’s better to keep them in a dark or cool place like a dark cabinet in your kitchen.

10 Foods you should never Refrigerate 6

Ketchup: Ketchup is just fine at your kitchen even after it is opened. Because of the vinegar and preservatives used in ketchup its
better not to store in the fridge. For better results, use ketchup sachets as it use and throw and there is nothing to store about.

10 Foods you should never Refrigerate 7

Pickles: This is another item which is full of preservatives. To keep them tasty and crispy, store them in a kitchen shelf. But if you really want to eat a cold pickle, then it’s better to store them in fridge door for a few hours.

10 Foods you should never Refrigerate 8

Coffee: People think that coffee really deserves a special place in the fridge. But it actually tastes best when kept in room temperature. Coffee contains natural oils and so this flavors best when in normal temperature. Better you should buy small amount of coffee at a time to enjoy the freshness.

10 Foods you should never Refrigerate 9

Salad Dressings: Just listening to the name doesn’t just rush to keep them in fridge. There is something serious to know about. Salad dressing that are vinegar and oil based should be always kept outside fridge but the dressings which are cream, yogurt or mayo based can be easily stored in fridge.

10 Foods you should never Refrigerate 10

So from now on, you will have to decide which things to be kept in fridge. Actually fridge will not keep all your things fresh instead they will ruin it. So as you now know about the things, which should be never kept in fridge, just keep them outside or in a dark or slight cool place. Probably you are just thinking about the mistakes you have done till now. No it’s not to blame yourself as many other people like you still make the same mistake you have done. So aren’t you better than them?


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