60 Funny Get Well Soon Quotes

Healthy thoughts are the foundation of your future wealth.
May god bless you with the immense wealth of good health.
A beautiful nurse can be a curse if they tempt you to stay in the hospital.
A healthy mate is someone you miss otherwise there is no one to this.
The best wish that anyone can have for you is to make sure that you are healthy and flourish.
With healthy grain, fruit, vegetables and meat, you have the formula for good health beat.
The smile of good health may take a while but it is worth the trouble and toil.
You are so nice but without all the spice of good health, you are a dish that lacks the need to taste twice. Get well soon
If there was one wish granted to you then wish for the wealth of health; the rest you can.

Get Well Soon Quotes (3)

The need to stay healthy is more than the need to be wealthy.
Enjoy your period of rest my friend and may you come out feeling your best my friend.
Rest is like deodorant, you need but in limits or it can be overwhelming.
One of the best gifts to give yourself is good health and this may be even better than all your wealth.
When everything becomes a pain, the fact that you need to focus on health and fitness is plain.
It is better to be a health nut than a wealth nut.
Limited time spent in bed can stand you in good stead but when it comes to activity, you need to go ahead.
Managing health is like managing anger, very difficult but essential.
You mind is the one that can keep your health ahead or behind.
Train to think the right thoughts to make sure that your life proceeds without knots.
Only when you think in terms of sickness does it become the only reality of your life.
If you want health to stick then find out what makes you tick so that you never become sick.
Life is about being serious but not seriously ill.
Take each day as if it is your best and ensure that you leave the rest.
Health is about managing fitness not about managing illness.


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