35 Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes From a Mother

11. The passing of years is marked by the special day that you came into my life to remind of the worthy being that I have been blessed enough to create
12. May all the worthy things in life come to you, may every regret and grief touch me before it does you and may your life be filled with joy, love and    satisfaction.
13. Happy birthday to the little angel who makes me go through the joy of my childhood all over again.

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14. If there was, any one thing that I had to be proud of, it is you my lovely darling. You show me all that I have done right in life and I wish you a long and        lovely life on this special day.
15. May miles of smiles be on your path, may the flowers bloom brightest when you pass them by and may the rays of the sun kiss you, may the moon caress you with its soft glory and may the stars be the twinkle in your eye.

16. Your smile puts the warmth in my heart, your laughter makes me think of pearls and your every action makes me feel blessed.
17. If I had to live my life again and make everything better I would except for becoming your mother, which is the best part of my life.
18. You are the person I wanted to be, the ideal that I strived to be, you are me but more than me because you are the one who makes me a mother.

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19. I hold you in my arms to feel the weight of the love I feel for you, rock you to sleep with care in my heart; bless you my little one on your birthday
20. Each birthday gives me the joy of watching you grow into the girl that I will always love and care about.

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