How to Grow a Plant from Seed Step by Step

Gardening is a very common hobby among the humans and we actually love to do that. Those who are attached to the process of gardening will agree that growing a plant is the toughest part of the whole process. Growing a plant is almost like growing a child. So if you don’t love your plants, they will not grow well. Lots of care has to be taken towards the plants so that they remain healthy and green. Actually, the beginners who are trying to make their hands in gardening will have to know about the step-by-step plant growing techniques in details. You will find small grown readymade plants in the market but actually, it’s more fun growing a plant from seeds. So let’s discuss about the steps of growing plant from a seed.

How to Grow a Plant from Seed Step by Step:

1. Find Some Tray or Pots: You will get some planting try or pots from the plant stores, bring according to your necessity and then you will have to start the process. As a substitute, you can also try out a cookie tin or a similar type of container with making a hole at the bottom. You can grow the seeds individually in these trays or containers.

How to Grow a Plant from Seed 1

2. Fill with Seed Compost: Buy a pack of seed compost and fill the seed container or tray with seed compost. Don’t fill the tray with normal soil as it contains various pests and diseases. So it’s always the best option to buy the good quality compost for growing the seeds, which actually increases the chances of germination.

How to Grow a Plant from Seed 2

3. Moisten the surface of Compost: It’s your duty to moisten the surface of the compost with a mist spray. Take a clean bottle to spray water in that way. Don’t water too much as there remain a chance that it will wash away the seeds from the container after spreading the seeds. So mist spray is the best way to water.

How to Grow a Plant from Seed 3

4. Sprinkle the Seeds: Take some seeds on your palm and sprinkle the seeds with one of your fingers of the other hand. Don’t cover the smaller seeds with a layer of compost as it can smother the seeds. But you should sprinkle a layer of compost above the large seeds to grow well.

How to Grow a Plant from Seed 4

5. Cover the Seed Tray: Actually, you will have to cover the seed tray to promote the germination of seeds and also it will keep the compost wet for a long time, preventing it from drying out. You can use anything like a piece of glass, a magazine, piece of plastic sheet, plywood, or whatever you think the best to cover up the seeds.

How to Grow a Plant from Seed 5

6. Place the Seed Tray in Warm Place: Seeds actually germinate well above the temperature of 18 degree centigrade. So you will have to keep in mind about the temperature of the place you are living in. in the northern hemisphere, it’s best to grow seeds during the month of February or March, so that it get’s the full growing season.

How to Grow a Plant from Seed 6

7. Uncover the Seeds: Now it’s important to uncover the seeds and bring them into light after the germination. Just place the seed tray in the window sill so that it gets enough light. Keep the compost moist with spraying water over the surface. Never put the seed tray in frosts.

How to Grow a Plant from Seed 7

8. Transplant the Seedlings: Once you notice that the plants you have grown have a few pairs of leaves, they can be easily transplanted into some other individual pots. This process is actually known as transplanting. Keep the compost moist during the process. While you will pick up the plants, remember not to damage the delicate roots. Dig a hole with your finger, drop the seedling into the hole and gently press the compost back around the roots.

How to Grow a Plant from Seed 8

9. Keep Transplanted Seedlings in the Shed: If there is a strong sunshine and dry weather outside, keep the seedlings under a shed. Actually, the delicate seedlings can dry out rapidly under the strong sunshine. So keep them in a shade for a week or so until the roots grow in the new compost.

How to Grow a Plant from Seed 9

10. Plant it Out: Once you notice that the plants have grown big and the roots are starting to emerge from the bottom of the pot, now it’s the time to plant them outside in their final location where they will grow big enough.

How to Grow a Plant from Seed 10

So the process is not that tough, as you know the techniques step by step. It will be better if you can follow the steps and out some time on the plants regularly. Plants need a lot of care like the pets. The three main things that a seed will need to germinate are water, oxygen and warmth. So, it’s time to spend some time with plants. Go green and have fun.


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