How to Keep Caterpillar Out from Your Garden

Before the fascinating part where a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly, the gardeners have to face the frustrating one where the same caterpillars attack fruits and devour plant resources.

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And I will presume that if you are here reading this post means that you know how badly those harmful chemical pesticides affects the gentle-pests that are good for your garden like earthworm and ladybugs! Just a few steps to follow and you will soon know the secrets of how to keep caterpillar out from your garden for good. Here we have come up with some things to always remember while planning for a home garden.

How To Keep Caterpillar Out From Your Garden

Identifying the Type of Caterpillar

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The story of growing up a healthy garden by keeping the caterpillars away starts by identifying the type of caterpillar. The way you get rid of each varying type of caterpillar differs every time.
Cutworms are one of its kinds that live under the soil and eat the plantlets’ stems overnight. The one handy way to stop this mishap is to plant the seeds in sterile soil and the overwintered pests will be prevented.
Tomato Hornworms that directly and mostly target the tomato plants could leave the plants leafless in less than the span of a day. Prefer handpicking them and dropping them in a jar full of soapy water to hunt them down.
Cabbage moth Caterpillar is yet another one that you need protection from. Cover your plants and shrubs with the translucent fabric or the polypropylene shields to prevent moth caterpillar from entering.

Keep The Eggs In Check

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As to prevent the overgrowth of caterpillar in the near future, you must consider enfilading all the dead and dropped leaves to make your garden clean and healthy. Check both, the up and down, of the leaves for eggs and pinch them to destroy if you find one. You can also consider collecting them and throwing them in the bin to keep the overpopulation of caterpillar in check.

Birds are Your Garden’s Friends

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Make sure you find ways to engage birds to stay in your garden. (And that is pretty obvious that you aren’t allowed to get on with this tip on How to keep caterpillar out from your garden if your garden contains something watering the birds’ tongue.) Setting up the birdfeeder would be an intelligent and effortless action to keep the birds come visit your garden more often.

Use Scented Floras to Manipulate Caterpillars

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Being strategic by planting some scented floras like sage or peppermint or rosemary around the affected plants that needs to be saved is going to be helpful as well. The strong perfume of those floras will make the caterpillars take a detour and have their lunch elsewhere leaving your garden hale and hearty. This is how it works!

Organic Pest Controllers

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Organic pest controllers are the boon to magically protect your yard or garden from the unwanted pests. BT or Bacillus Thuringiensis, though, is most trusted organic controller for pests. Spray the BT on the plants mixed properly following the instructions and make sure you spray it perfectly covering each part of plant. Regular spraying of BT in the intervals of 3-5 days will make the caterpillars vanish instantly.

Neem Sprays

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Caution – Use this one only in case you didn’t find the BT organic spray because it will ultimately put the advantageous insects in danger along with controlling the caterpillars. No matter if this is another kind of organic spray to protect your plants, it has to be the last option when nothing else works for keeping the caterpillars away.

Go for Crop Rotation

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Crop rotation is not planting the same crop at same place for more than a year or two. Switching the places for seedling the garden time-to-time is important in order to keep it healthy and free from caterpillar infestation. For example, consider not planting the tomato shrubs 3 times in a row at the same spot but go on changing one to avoid them getting attacked. Here is how you can choose the best possible small plant pots container for your small garden and what are those few things which you should keep in mind while you are going to buy your containers. 

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Don’t fear or get threatened by the bad manners of those uninvited guests to your garden who are constantly looking forward to spoil your plantations and crops. Being a pro at gardening and doing it in best possible way is just these few steps away now. Learn how to keep caterpillar out from your garden and you win master.


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