How to make Fabric Labels at Home

Now as you have come to read this article, you are for sure a DIY lover and yes, you love to do things on your own. Some people make DIY things for their own purpose and again some people make it for some business. So, for both the purpose, it is very necessary that you keep an identity of your own in that material you made with all your effort. Whatever may be the purpose, sticking labels on the materials will give you some publicity also. But when there is a way to make the labels on your own, why will you order for some in the market? Here are the steps, which will teach you t make fabric labels by some very easy ways. Let’s look into the quick tutorial for making the fabric labels with some of your special touch.

How to make Fabric Labels at Home:

Materials Needed:

Piece of Fabric (Preferably Muslin)

Freezer Paper (It is found in the grocery store in the aluminum foil section)

Computer with a printer

Making Procedure:

1. First, take the piece of freezer paper, which is actually glossy on one side and dull on another side. This paper is mainly used to stabilize the fabric as it goes through the printer. Actually, the glossy side is the best for ironing on fabric. The paper can be reused for many times, so don’t throw it. Heat the iron and put the glossy side of the freezer paper down on the wrong side of the fabric. Don’t make a mistake to let the iron touch the glossy side, as it will destroy the paper.

How to Make Fabric Labels at Home 1

2. Now secondly, you will have to trim the paper and fabric both into 8 and a ½ inches x 11 inches. Now the thing is that you will have to cut both the fabric and the paper exactly same and just put fabric on one side and paper on one side.

How to Make Fabric Labels at Home 2

3. Go to the computer and use the MS Word to type the text you want to print on the label. Just set up all the things like font size and font type as well as the alignments. Now the next step is that you will have to print it our as show in the picture below. You can print number of labels in the single piece of cloth.

How to Make Fabric Labels at Home 3

4. You can see that the text in each of the label is printed at the bottom end. This is because we will have to fold the label when we will be stitching it to a material.

How to Make Fabric Labels at Home 4

5. Now you will have to iron the whole sheet so that the ink sets well in the fabric and dries up completely. Do it smoothly and don’t be in a hurry. Yeah! It’s possible that you will get a bit excited at this stage as you have almost got the thing you wanted.

How to Make Fabric Labels at Home 5

6. Cut the Labels into pieces, as you will be getting many labels printed in a single sheet of fabric. Be careful that the paper and the fabric should not get separated while cutting. After you have completed with the process, now it’s time to peel of the paper from the label.

How to Make Fabric Labels at Home 6

7. The step now is a bit very important. You will have to fold both of the side edges of the label as shown in the below picture. Once you have done it, then you will have to gain fold it into half. Yes, probably you will be getting the label you actually wanted.

How to Make Fabric Labels at Home 7a

How to Make Fabric Labels at Home 7b

How to Make Fabric Labels at Home 7c

8. As the label is completely ready now, you will have to seam it into the material you need to. You are expert in making the DIY items and so we think that you can easily seam the fabric label in the material you needed. If not, just check out our tutorial for various types of stitching method.

How to Make Fabric Labels at Home 8

The last tip we want to give in this tutorial is that if you want a permanent flat label that can be ironed on, instead of the folding one as we did, you will have to go through a different process. Buy a piece of fusible web and iron the label to permanent fusible web. Then the label can be easily ironed on to your item.

So have you ever imagined that making a fabric label is so much easy and that also in your home? You will need just an hour to complete the full process of making the label. So you should obviously try your own hand rather than ordering it into a label making shop. It will cost you less money and will also allow you to be creative with the whole process.

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