Best Out Of Waste: 40 Shuttlecock Craft Ideas

The summer vacations see a lot of things, and a lot of shuttlecocks going about in vain. Well, that is one thing that you should be worried about is about the feather shuttlecocks that go waste after the players get done with them! But how about upcycling them and putting them to better use? You

How I can Help to Save our Earth

“We won’t have a society if we destroy the planet”- Margaret Mead. Rightly so. The apocalypse isn’t a lie. Our planet will end up soon if we don’t wake up, at least now. The drastic weather changes, the calamities that are hitting the planet every now and then; aren’t just coincidences. The planet is in

40 Heartbreaking Pictures of Water Pollution

Water is said to be the life, indeed this is right. Around 70% of the Earth is covered with water, making it undeniably the most abundant natural resource. As young students, we learned, how crucially important this natural resource is and various ways to conserve it. Always available, most widely used and abundant in nature.

Short List of Fun Exercise for Kids

Kids are like clay – they form the shape that you make them be. In short, if you indulge them in a habit from their childhood and you will see that they get used to it, and then they follow that regime all throughout. That is why it is important that you set the right

40 Cute Brother and Sister Quotes and Sayings

The sibling relationship has sporadically been the subject of attention in almost every family. Sibling’s relationship is the only close family relationship with the potential to last a lifetime. When we talk about cute brother-sister relationship, we naturally emphasize more on sibling rivalry and those endless blame game fights. But as we move from our

30 Inspirational Spiritual Quotes about Life

Life is such a big puzzle to crack, that we all sometimes need to fall back on our motivational tank and refuel it with quotes and inspiration for the day. It is rightly said that one cannot stay motivated all throughout the life; but one can definitely refuel whenever one wants to. Spiritual awakening is

10 Secret Painting Tips To Make Your Walls Alive (DIY)

Renovating your room and re-doing the walls and décor is something that is bound to happen after a few years of interior monotony. What many people fail to realize is that each opportunity for renovation is actually a way to let the artist in you come out? Also, here are some abstract painting ideas for beginners.