Repurpose your Shirt into Apron: Tutorial

If you love cooking, you know the importance of apron in your regular life. But the fact is that if you are creative you will find an essence of creativity in each and everything you are performing around you. Apron is not a rare thing and you can easily buy it from the market. But what about making the thing more special? When you make a thing with your hand and ideas it is for sure going to be a great experience for you. Probably you have old and unused t-shirt lying in your wardrobe, just take it out and repurpose it to create a whole new apron with it. You will find a lot of articles on this topic in the internet, but we have tried our best to make an article that can be easier for everyone to understand.

Material needed:

A Man’s Shirt
Scissor/ Rotary Cutter
Fabric strips/ Ribbon
Stitch machine


1. So start with a man’s shirt and cut both the sleeves with scissor as shown in the image. Once you have completed cutting the sleeves, cut the back of your shirt also.

Repurpose your Shirt into Apron 1

2. Now you will have to cut around the collar leaving the collar intact as it is. For better result, cut along the seam so that it hardly have any rough edges. See in the picture below and you will get what we are saying.

Repurpose your Shirt into Apron 2

3. So once you are done with the cutting process, your shirt will now look like this.

Repurpose your Shirt into Apron 3

4. The step now is about cutting the armpits diagonally on both the sides. You will have to use the ruler and rotary cutter to make a diagonal cut from the armpit to the shoulder.

Repurpose your Shirt into Apron 4

5. So your next duty is to see that both the sides are looking even and if it is not so, try to make it even as it will not look good in an uneven cut.

Repurpose your Shirt into Apron 5

6. Now the raw edge which you just cut, turn a hem under concealing all the raw edges and then sew it down. For you kind information, do this on both the sides. For better result, sew with a sew machine to make the stitch strong and agile.

Repurpose your Shirt into Apron 6

7. Now you are almost to the final step and that is to make the apron ties. In this case, you can use ribbon if you want to or you can use fabric strips cut from the same shirt. You are cutting out a lot of parts from the shirt as a whole. Pick up any wastage part from the shirt to make a matching fabric strips. This will make the apron more interesting.

Repurpose your Shirt into Apron 7

8. Close all the raw edges you find and then sew your straps just at the bottom of the diagonal cut. See the picture and you will get the idea about what we are saying. Remember to back stitch the straps several times to ensure that your stitch is much strong. This part needs to be most powerful as you will tie it tightly.

Repurpose your Shirt into Apron 8

So now you are almost done with the project. But there are few final tips that you should get before leaving the article. Here are those.
Try to keep the collar flipped up until you are completely done with the apron. This is because you may accidentally stitch up the collar folds which will ruin your apron.

Keep all the buttons of the shirt closed till the bottom so that the fabric stay straight and you can work with the short easily.
For the first time you are making this project try to choose a plaid shirt as that is a good starter since you can use the stripes as your guide to keep the measurements and cutting straight.

So you are getting such a beautiful apron made by your own hand this winter. The project overall is very exciting and the most important fact is that it is so easy that anyone with just some sense of stitching can make out this wonderful apron repurposing an old shirt. So now you can get why we suggest not throwing out old products from your home. Actually you can make a variety of things repurposing the old objects at your home.


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