10 Strange Hobbies For Anyone

We all know the benefits of having a hobby can be huge and that is why people who have a stressful life are prescribed to get one that they like. As most people out there have a stressful life, it is good for all of us to have a nice hobby to fall back on when life becomes a bit difficult. If you are the type of person who likes a hobby that is not run of the mill, then here is a list of things for you to try. Since we are talking about unusual hobbies, it does not mean that you only pick one from these; you can have your own and if you are so inclined share the details of it with us.

Strange Hobbies For Anyone

Micro-sculpting: Some people just love the challenge of doing something that is difficult and rewarding; micro-sculpting can be one of them. There are many famous artists out there who make really small and exquisite sculptures that cannot be seen by the naked eye. In fact an artist like Williard Wigan has made this indulgence into a lucrative career. He claims that he can make things to the level of size where it is equal to the area on the tip of your hair. He actually uses a microscope to view things even as he carves them.

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The fascinating aspect of his art is that he has to apply paint to his works of art in the time between heartbeats to ensure that it is perfect. As we are talking about this unique art, it would be remiss not mention Dalton Ghetti who actually sculpts his art on the head of the pencil even without using a microscope. He has made many things like hearts that are linked, a boot, chain links among other things.

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Catching javelin: If you are the kind who is timid then do not even consider this. This hobby involves one person throwing a javelin while another really courageous person catches it. If you are able to catch it, then you feel like a hero and if not then you can imagine the outcome yourself!

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Rearing silkworms: Also called sericulture, this is the process of raising silkworms with the purpose of creating silk from them. The species used for this purpose is calledBombyx Mori and doing this can be very fulfilling if it is the kind of thing you are into.

The art of tree shaping or Pooktre: This is something of an emerging trend with people making trees take on shape over a period of time. People go for shapes that are very elaborate like a chair or car. This is a long-term hobby that will be intensely satisfying over time.

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Art with tape: This hobby as the name suggests involves taking different types of tape and shaping it into works of art. People go with many projects like doing up their car or even creating sculpture or even putting together a model car.

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Taphophilia: This is the photographing and filming of gravestones and cemeteries. It is somewhat of a macabre pastime that involves finding and enjoying the texture of stones at the grave.

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Carving egg shells: Painting on egg shells is something that we have done during our childhood. And as adults we have worked at creating creative and unusual Easter eggs. This hobby however is taking it to the next level where people use eggshells to carve intricate works of art. As you may realize, this hobby is not easy and is a delicate process but if it is your kind of thing, you will really enjoy it.

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Cryptozoology: This is something that you spend time indulging yourself in keeping track of the latest findings in the animal world mainly to do with animals that are not known or actually proven to be existing. The people who are into this kind of activity love to follow up on creatures that only rumored to exist like the monster in Lochness or the yeti or some such creatures.

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Hair collection: In the past, it has been known for young brides to take a lock of their husband’s hair and put it in a locket to wear when they left for wars or on long journeys. Now this has made a comeback with people collecting hair as a hobby. Some people use it to keep track of family histories while others use it as a means of studying the genealogy and origins of people.

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Reinventing your dog to make it look like a wild animal: This may seem like a silly indulgence but the next time you come across a dog that looks like tiger in your neighborhood, don’t panic. It could be that your neighbor is into this kind of activity and has dyed their dog to resemble a wild animal.

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