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40 Great Example of African Tribal Mask Art

40 Great Example of African Tribal Mask Art

Every different countries and regions have their own different cultures. These cultures deals with a variety of different things. But today we will be talking about the African culture and traditional art forms. Yeah we know that Africans are very rich in their tribal art forms and the use of masks is one of the

What is the Right Way to Use Different Kind of Pencils

It’s been thousands of years; humans are using graphite to for various creativities and ideas into real life. Actually, we people use pencil for various purpose and graphite is the main substance behind the making of the lead of pencil. Better to say, the lead of the pencil s actually made up of a mixture

35 Experimental Matchsticks Art Ideas

We always tell that the world is full of creativity. If you are a creative person, you can make anything creative out of just a simple thing. Actually, creativity inspires us a lot because of the way of thinking that is not normal. Suppose take a matchstick and think what to make out from it.

60 Cool Wine Bottles Craft Ideas

You arranged a get-together for friends and relatives at your place with the hard drinks. It was a gala time and fun while drinking and dancing with all of them. But, once the party gets over, what you do withthose empty wine bottles? Youjust throw them away, right?In reality, wine bottles are much more useful