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30 Oil Painting On Canvas You Have Never Seen Before

30 Oil Painting On Canvas You Have Never Seen Before

Oil painting is a very old form of painting and artists are using since long years ago. But still today, oil painting has been successful to make its name on the list of most popular art forms. Those who are artists will agree with us that oil paints are used just for their rich versatility

60 Amazing String Art Pattern Ideas

String art is now a very popular craft form and rapidly increasing its popularity whole over the world. If you are a creative person then it is a great medium to show your creativity. You can make almost anything out of string art patterns and that looks amazing at the end. As we always come

What is the Right Way to Use Different Kind of Pencils

It’s been thousands of years; humans are using graphite to for various creativities and ideas into real life. Actually, we people use pencil for various purpose and graphite is the main substance behind the making of the lead of pencil. Better to say, the lead of the pencil s actually made up of a mixture