10 Things to do with Eggshells

It’s all about eggs, the yummy thing that we all love. More or less we know about the benefits of eggs, it is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. But have you ever though that eggs can be used in many different ways other than eating? Yes eggs are not that useless. It really has some great uses that we don’t have any idea about. Normally we throw away the egg shells as we don’t eat it, but from now on stop throwing out the egg shells as it have some really amazing uses that you will be knowing from this article.

Things to do with Eggshells:

1. Skin Treatments: Sounding really amazing but yes eggshells are very much beneficial for our skin. It can be used a nourishing face mask by drying out the eggshells and pulverizing it with mortar and pestle. Whisk the powder with egg white and use as a skin tightening facial. Even you can mix it up with apple cider vinegar and keep the mixture for few days. Now you can use the mixture for any type of minor skin irritations or itchy skins.

10 Things to do with Eggshells 1

2. Garden Fertilizer: We have told earlier that egg shells are really rich in calcium and various other minerals. Actually that helps in thriving up your garden. Crush the egg shells into tiny pieces and sprinkle them into every hole before planting. Now after every two weeks sprinkle some pieces of egg shells on the base of the plant.

10 Things to do with Eggshells 2

3. Cat Deterrent: No actually cats don’t have any allergy with eggs but if you are really facing a great problem with cats using your garden as their litter box, just spread crushed up egg shells all over your garden to keep them away. You can also mark the areas where you find the cats more, and just spread the eggshells in those areas more.

10 Things to do with Eggshells 3

4. DIY Powdered Calcium Supplement: So now it’s time to skip the calcium pills as you already have egg shells for you. Bake the egg shells at 350 degree centigrade for about 8-10 minutes. Now let them cool down and grind them into fine powder. Now your calcium supplement is ready. Add a teaspoon of this supplement to your smoothie or juice regularly.

10 Things to do with Eggshells 4

5. Eggshell Candle: So from the next time you will be having your breakfast, carefully crack the shells into halves and store them aside to use it as a base to fill with beeswax for candles. It’s very easy. Add a wick and let the wax set down and then remove the peel finally.

10 Things to do with Eggshells 5

6. Coffee Sweetener: If you want that your coffee taste a bit sweet and less bitter then a great idea is to add some crushed egg shells to the ground coffee before brewing it. When you are done with the process, toss out the grounds and the shells in to the compost heap.

10 Things to do with Eggshells 6

7. Cleaning Purpose: If you are facing any problem to clean any utensils, use the eggshells as abrasive and see the magic. Even the vases which are too tall and hard to clean out just rinse the vase with warm water and add a few crushed egg shells in it. Fill the vase with warm water and add some drops of dishwashing soap. Shake and rinse thoroughly. It will get cleaned.

10 Things to do with Eggshells 7

8. Feed your Chickens: If you have a poultry farm of your own or otherwise you keep chickens as your pets, egg shells are of great use to you. Actually egg laying hens needs a lot of calcium and you will obviously know that in some cases you need to arrange for a supplement for feeding your laying hens. So you can obviously feed them egg shells as a supplement of calcium and it’s natural.

10 Things to do with Eggshells 8

9. Mosaic Works: If you really love to spend time with various types of craft works, you should think of working with egg shells. Actually you can try a lot of things with egg shells but here we will be giving you an awesome idea. Just get the go and try out some mosaic works with egg shells. It looks amazing.

10 Things to do with Eggshells 9

10. Bandage: You will find membrane just attached to the egg shells from inside. Just take out a bit of that membrane from the egg shell and use it as a bandage. Wrap it around your wound and it dry out and harden to get better result.

10 Things to do with Eggshells 10

It’s very interesting to know that the thing which we mostly throw out in the dustbin can be used for so many purposes. Above that egg shells comes in the regular use of your life. So if we think about it, we can really use in some purpose instead of throwing them away. Eggs are now more valuable to you all than it was before.


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