20 Ways to Relax and Reboot Your Mind


Due to the present working schedule of every people in this corporate age life becomes very disastrous. Actually the heavy work pressure causes a lot of stress. This stress leads to some dangerous results. Even our mind stops working and as a result we become unable to take fruitful decisions. We start gravitating towards the activities which drains us our energy even more. But if you maintain system in your life and abide by some really interesting process you can avoid all these stress from your life and relax a bit. Here are 20 easy ways that can help you relax in all circumstances. Don’t think that it will take some extra time; in fact you can do these things in a few minutes.

Ways to Relax and Reboot Your Mind

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Release all your tension from the Jaw: this is a great way to lose all your tension. Open your mouth wide for a minute or so breathing naturally through your nose. When you will feel a stretch in your mouth slowly release the jaw to the normal position. Actually it releases all your tension which we carry in your mind, repeat this for two or three times.

Write Journal: Some people prefer writing in their own journal for unwinding. There is no pressure in writing and actually you can express your inner feelings by writing the thing that is going on in your mind. Never force yourself; if you are really getting interest in it then you spend some time in writing.

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Make a proper Schedule: At the beginning of the day, try to make a list of all the things that you need to do today. It’s a great idea to make written schedule regularly. This will actually help you to work in a systematic way and manage all your time and schedules. When everything will be arranged, you will see that everything is going alright and hence, no stress.

Bedtime Ritual: Another great idea is to create a bedtime ritual. Bedtime ritual is something that will relax your whole body and mind and help you to go through a sound sleep. But bedtime ritual is something that you will have to maintain in a regular basis. Before going to bed lit a candle and turn of the every other light in your bedroom. See that the light is enough to read a book. Now sleep straight and feel the cold sheet over your body. Read some pages of book and try to concentrate on it. Forget everything else you have done today. After reading your regular quota, keep the book aside and try to put all your concentration on the candle flame. This will help you to relieve your mind and then after that blow the flame and go into deep sleep. Do this for a week and you can notice the change.

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Try to Visualize: Normally a human brain doesn’t have the ability to differentiate between an imagination and a reality. The best way is to rely on the visualizations. Try to visualize each and everything near you. Like if you are on a beach, try to follow everything like the people, their activities, the kids around you, the shops, the sea, the waves etc.

Brush your Teeth and Wash your Face: Actually, we normally start the day with brushing our teeth and washing your face and eyes nicely. Never forget to do so as it is the indication that you are starting a fresh day. These things affect a lot in our mind.

Be in Nature: Rely on nature to get relaxed. Between your works, try to take a deep breath and release. This will keep your blood circulation normal and your mind cool. The fact is that you will have to engage all your senses. Like hearing something, smelling everything near you or see around.

Catnap: Catnap is a very good idea to keep your mind fresh all the time. You can easily take a short cat nap between your works for about 20 mins. This will keep you fresh all the time. Remember not to cross 30 mins as then it will turn into a long sleep.

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Love yourself: The most important thing is to love yourself and all the things you do regularly. When you will love yourself you will be able to love others. Give yourself everything you need maybe whatever it is. So treating yourself is very important matter.

Breath: Do you know that there are lots of things to learn on breathing procedure? Try to learn the way you should breathe for stress relief. Breathing is one of the main activities of our body and for that it should done in the right way.

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Tend Yourself: There is obviously a list of things which you like to do the most. If you don’t have such list quickly make one for yourself. Think about your hobbies and all other things. There are lots of things by which you can tend to yourself.

Make a list of good things that happened today with you: At the end of the day try to make at least a list of three good things that happened with you today. If there is nothing big, concentrate on something small but you have to find out something. Remember don’t try to find out bad things.

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Identify what you can control: It’s very important to understand the things and matters you can control and the things that you can’t control. There are lot of things you will find that you can have control over it. So remember those things for future help.

Play: Playing is really a great way to keep our body and mind fit. Especially for the grown-ups it is very pleasurable. It doesn’t means that you will have to go outside for a play. Even you can play various indoor games.

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Gentle Movement: Keep your body in gentle movement while you want to get rid of stress. People think that taking rest will relive all your stress but it is not so. In fact, you will have to engage your body in some gentle movements like yoga, walking, exercises, jogging etc.

Support someone else: You can call your friends and support them in their matters. It is a great way to interfere in someone’s matter forgetting about yours. This will give your relief from your own stress.

Focus on Present: Always try to focus on the present moment and forget about the past. Although it is very tough but you should always think about your present activity and situation.

Engage yourself in fragrance: Engage your sense of smell at home. Try to bath with mild scented soaps and shower gels, apply room fresheners everywhere around your home. Even you can burn a scented candle.

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Take a bathroom break: When you are feeling too much stressed at work, go for a bathroom break. Go to the bathroom, close the doors and sit there for a while. Close your eyes and take deep breath. Then slowly ease your breath in a normal condition and get relaxed and energized.

Figure out the thing that works for you: Lastly the basic thing is that you have to figure out what is working well for you. The choice always differs and every human being has a different taste. No one else can say that to you. So it is your duty to notice that what works for you. Peaceful woman relaxing at home with cup of tea or coffee


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