How to Overcome Your Wedding Nerves Anxiety

The love of your life has surprised you with the question and you’ve said yes! Congratulations. Well, you are now on the path of marriage bliss and have absolutely no time to plan your wedding. You will freak out and it’s OKAY. If you’re not accustomed to being in the limelight, it can almost seem like an overwhelming task. It’s your wedding, a very special day for you and your beau and everything has to be perfect. Often, the pressure of quintessential wedding makes us nervous and febrile.

These pre-wedding jitters always give us ache in the stomach and of course, our subconscious mind has to tell that something is going wrong. You can get hysterical about your ability to be a good wife or husband. Or it can be the anxiety of being in the spotlight and meeting all the estranged family members. Scrambling around panicking about how to overcome your wedding Nerves Anxiety will only make you not enjoy the most special moments of your life.

How to Overcome Your Wedding Nerves Anxiety

It’s Alright To Be Nervous

You’re bound to feel fevered on such a major life event, but it does not mean you’re doing anything wrong or your marriage is doomed. Understand the stress of the upcoming nuptials and find a cause of it. Pay attention to what is exactly trembling you, listen to your subconscious mind. Be kind to yourself and try to feel good.

Let Things Go
Paying close eye attention to all the details is the probably the best way to exhaust yourself and worsen your neurotic. We always plan to have the idyllic wedding, like we see in movies. Flowers are important for weddings so, with the help of some flower arrangement tips and tricks you can make your low budget decoration arrangements more classy. There is no harm if the flowers are not of your choice or color coordination is mismatched or your makeup artist spoilt your look. These small details can go unprecedented but don’t let it spoil your mood, let it go, and cheer up!

Don’t Feel Guilty In Asking For Some Time

Wedding planning can definitely take over your whole life, it’s hard to find time for yourself. But don’t feel guilty about asking for some time to calm you down and take you away from the madness. Buy yourself some time to chill, do something non-wedding few days before the wedding. Go on a vacation with friends or engross yourself in your hobby or work. You’ll feel much better.

It Can Be Cold Sweat

Sometimes we get anxious and start worrying for no reason, this is when we can almost convince ourselves anything. We freak out for all the natural reasons and random thought of Is my significant other rights for me? Is my wedding gown the best? Can I make a good bride/groom? Am i ready for marriage? Am I looking Depressed? Pops in our mind, which leads to cold sweat and cold feet. Even if you’ve any single doubt in your mind, get it out. Talk to your family or friends or fiance about the underlying issue that’s worrying you.

How to deal with Wedding Nerves Anxiety

Ask For Help, Always

If you have some urgent work looming and you’re unable to meet up, always say yes to those who offer to help. Ask someone to make calls prior to the wedding to all the important people, fix appointment of the hairdresser, makeup artist, designer, decorator, caterer etc. When it comes to the wedding, your special friends and family members are genuinely there to help you out or you can take help of heart touching wedding quotes in your speech.

You’re Not Horrible If You Hate The Process

Some people are not comfortable being the center of attraction, the whole wedding chores only make them more uncomfortable and disturbed. You’re not horrible if you don’t like the process of having a picture perfect marriage. Its okay not to have a wedding countdown going on your social media. Or clicking thousands of pictures to capture your wedding day memories. Trust me the memories you’ll make with your lover after marriage will be far better the important color scheme or theme of your wedding.

The wedding brings the excitement and enthusiasm, but very soon the pressure of everything to be perfect can make us nervous. Talk your jitters out, to a friend or a therapist, to a family member or your fiance. You’ll have a good time, probably the best time of your life. Don’t let the small catastrophe spoil your mood, those minor things won’t even matter to you in future. Take care of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back.

You’re going to love it, and it’s completely worth the Nerves Anxiety. So don’t let anxiety hold you back, it’s your wedding, cut yourself a slack, and run up to your big day!


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