40 Beautiful Terrace Garden Ideas For Home

Do you have an empty space at your balcony or rooftop?

Want to utilize it in a great way?

Beautiful Terrace Garden Ideas For Home

City lives can be difficult for people who love being close to nature, surrounded by greenery. There is less space, more pollution and life is full of hustle-bustle. However, you can turn your terrace in a tropical oasis by growing a garden and get your daily dose of freshness. Explore these Beautiful Terrace Garden Ideas for Home to know how.

Beautiful Terrace Garden Ideas For Home

Plants Selection

Always go for a diverse selection of plant types. If you can curate in a creative way, a terrace garden can house herbs, shrubs, creepers and climbers, be it small sized, large sized, flowering or non-flowering. It is better to grow small trees and large shrubs. Some of the vegetable plants that you can grow in a rooftop garden includes cauliflower, eggplant, tomato, beetroot, carrot, etc. Purchase attractive pots of various shapes and sizes to incorporate the plants and bring a fascinating look to your terrace garden.


Mould raised-beds adjoined with the walls. With 3 feet deep beds, you can grow a wide variety of plants. If you maintain and nurture well, great results can be visible. Dead and overgrown parts need to be timely pruned to foster plant growth. It is important that the raised-beds need to have an additional surface raised from the roof, so to ensure that the roots don’t overgrow to affect or damage the roof.

The Furniture Needs To Blend Well

Decide the furniture in accordance with the overall setting and purpose of the space. Exploit the use of furniture to evoke a catchy aesthetic in the space. Get sofa sets, chairs, tea-tables or even dining tables and make the space a perfect place to lounge.

Decide Your Color-Palette

Choose different shades such as choose an accent color and with that include 2-3 colors that follow it. Neutral colors are best to accentuate the greenery of plants.  One of the Beautiful Terrace Garden Ideas for Home would be to use neutral colors like white, grey, tan and beige.

Jazz Up With Lighting

Use lighting in the space to decorate the space as well as set the right mood around. It’s important to effectively light up the space, for using the space in evenings and nights. The lighting needs to look stunning and rightly illuminate the space.

Keep The Space Open

An open rooftop garden looks more spacious and feels larger than it is. You can include the choice of transparent glass in place of parapet walls for your terrace garden ideas. Open space also makes the space airier.

Hedge The Borders

Planting bamboos along the railing or fences is one of the Beautiful Terrace Garden Ideas for Home to secure privacy in the space. Bamboos would perfectly hedge the borders and hide the space from your neighborhood.

Make The Best Of Vertical Space

Utilize vertical space through your terrace garden ideas to add make it look more spacious. Adore the walls by hanging beautiful small-sized planters, railing planters or by growing climbers. Carpet plants can be planted along the walls to make the walls of your terrace garden look more fashionable.

Flooring Needs To Look Great

A good list for Beautiful Terrace Garden Ideas for Home will definitely ensure that you pay a keen attention to the flooring. The flooring needs to blend with the overall aesthetic of the space. Wooden floorboards work great for small terrace garden ideas. Consider the climate of your locale while deciding the flooring for your terrace garden.

The Focal Point

A focal point drives one’s focus onto it. An unusual object in the space would help achieve that. A stunning statue or some arrangement of the containers can be functional enough to achieve that. Leading lines also serve the same. Try incorporating these elements to catch one’s attention on some specific object in the space.

The Shade Is Important

A shade is often very important for a terrace garden, especially if you live in a warm tropical climate. The shade is instrumental in deciding the growth and survival of the plants of your terrace garden. Very often two layers of shades are used – a permanent layer and a temporal one that can be removed from time to time depending on the weather or the ongoing season. You can also plant trees in a calculative way so that they remain under shade at least during the afternoon.

Tall Walls Are Useful

Tall walls are often useful for your Beautiful Terrace Garden Ideas for Home as they not only help secure privacy in the space but are instrumental in cutting out any bad view in the neighboring space. Creatively decorate these walls with planters, carpet plants or simply painting it with a soothing color.

Bamboo-Mats Look Great

Bamboo mats would be a great choice for the flooring of your terrace garden. It accentuates the greenery in the space. The mats also offer a soothing color tone that can perfectly blend with the color palette of your terrace garden.

Elegant Planters And Pots

Handpick elegant planters and pots or containers for your terrace garden. Because of their lightweight, portability, and elegance, these containers form an inevitable part of Beautiful Terrace Garden Ideas for Home. Make the best of these containers.