40 Eye Catching Jewellery Designs

Jewellery has been a prominent part of human history as an important addition to the whole look. Different pieces have had huge cultural, religious and economic value attached to them, all over the world. There are a lot of different types of eye catching jewellery designs that work to enhance your look in many special ways.

1. Circlets

A circlet is a jewellery piece for the head and may also be called a diadem. Circlets were traditionally used as a word for the base of the coronet or crown. They resemble open crowns that have no arches and were used by successors to the throne.

2. Earrings

Earrings are commonly attached to the earlobe via a piercing but are also attached to other parts of the ear. They come in all sorts of designs like studs, drop, hoop, dangle, barbell, ear threads, ear spikes and huggy earrings.

3. Hair rings

Hair rings, little bands of metal used to hold pieces of hair, date to at least the Bronze Age. Hair rings were made from solid gold or clay, bronze or lead that was gold-plated. Ancient Egyptians wore hair rings made of pottery, alabaster or jaspe

These metal hair rings were sort of the great-great-grandmothers of fabric hair bands, like scrunchies, that became popular in the modern age.

4. Shinka

An ancient head decoration, the shinka is a traditional Indian piece of hair jewelry that fastens to the front of the head with gold hooks. The shinka is a heavy piece made of gold chains and other embellishments, such as stylized animals and gemstones. This is still seen in modern India as a hair decoration for newly-married women.

5. Necklaces

Chain necklaces are one of the trendy eye catching jewellery designs and have become a style staple. Bead chain necklaces, also known as ball chain necklaces, are small balls that are linked together with small, evenly spaced rods. Cable chain necklaces are made with perfectly circular rings in an alternating interlocking pattern. The rings are locked together in a pattern where a flat-facing ring interlocks with a ring that is perpendicular to the flat-facing ring. You end up with a pattern that goes flat-facing ring, turned ring, flat-facing ring, turned ring and so on.

6. Bangle

Bangles have been worn in India since ancient times. The word itself comes from the Hindi bangri or bangali. One of the oldest artefacts ever found in India is a figurine of a woman wearing bangles. They have taken on special cultural significance in India. It’s a must-have accessory for married women because bangles are considered to be good luck charms. Bangles are rigid bracelets that have no closures. They’re made with an open design that slides around the wrist. 

7. Bracelet

Bracelets, circular ornaments for the wrists and ankles, are one of the oldest jewelry types. Throughout history, they’ve been made with a huge variety of materials. Base metal and precious metal is used quite often of course, but wood, tortoiseshell, enamel, plastic and many others have also been used.

8. Rings

Over time, rings that are used to mark special occasions or life events have been designed. Wedding and engagement rings are common symbols of commitment, but there are many other types of rings used to mark important milestones and/or convey specific meanings.

9. Belly chain

The belly chain is an Indian body ornament that has gained notice around the world for its eye catching jewellery designs. This chain is wrapped around the waist. It’s a very popular decoration for brides. Belly chains are usually made from silver or gold.

10. Anklets

Anklets have been worn by women for decades in India, where they are known as payals. They hold strong importance in the culture, which is why they are used during Indian weddings and are paired with saris. They have also been documented in pre-dynastic times in ancient Egypt. Foot harness jewellery pieces are a combination of anklets and toe rings. They begin at the ankle, adorn the foot, and end in a toe ring. They are commonly used by Indian brides.

11. Amulet

Also known as a talisman, an amulet is meant to bring luck, good fortune or some other specific energy to the wearer. It may be used for protection, to improve health or for any other purpose you might name. Usually, amulets are worn around the neck as necklaces. An amulet can be anything: a rock, a gem, and feathers. Sometimes, multiple items are put together in a special casing, which can be anything from a leather pouch to a tiny glass bottle to a highly stylized locket. 

12. Celibacy rings

Celibacy rings, also known as purity rings, are worn as a sign of remaining chaste. In other words, these rings symbolize that the wearer is abstaining from sexual activities. They are most commonly worn by teens and young people as a pledge and a sign of abstinence. Purity rings look like wedding bands. They are simple circles, usually made of metal. Purity rings may be engraved with phrases or designs.