60 Funny Get Well Soon Quotes

When someone is sick, the best thing to do is try and cheer them up. Of course, this comes right after getting them the right treatment, the right medicine and feeding them the right food. However, this is a chore that you need to leave to the person who is living with the person who is not well or someone who is pretty close to them. The thing you can do to cheer a person in this situation is to give them that will make them laugh as well as comfort them.
They say there is no medicine of cure like laughter and this is one thing that we can help our ill friends with. You can use funny get well quotes to write in a card or send in the form of a short message via cell phone or via email.

Get Well Soon Quotes (4)

We wish that no one should be in a situation where they need get well soon quotes, but since that is realistically not possible,Here are some:

Funny Get Well Soon Quotes

I always knew you were a sick person, don’t prove it to me by falling sick in the real sense. Hope you get well soon.
It is funny how nice and relaxed you seem when you are sick; it does not suit you, become your cranky self again. Get healthy soon.
If you are expecting me to support you in sickness, then you can forget it. That is why you need to get well soon.
I plea with you to listen to my pleas and please get well soon.
If sick were a state, I wish that you never go there even for a visit.
Sickness is in the mind and I request you Ctrl+Alt+Del it from your mind and reboot your system.
Let me leave you with a simple thought – say no to sickness!
Life is no play but that does not mean that you do not play to keep the sickness away.
They say a man with a sick mind is one that will have a sick body. Just imagine what your illness says about you!
All you need to stop being sick is a mind full of good thoughts and a body full of good exercise. I will provide you both.
Here is the recipe for good health – a bowl of positive thoughts, a spoon of medicine, a bucket of exercise is a good way to go.
Whenever you are sick and you feel the hug of warm thoughts around you, know that it is me praying for you.
A bunch of good thoughts and bouquet of wishes is what you need to get well soon.
If wishing and praying could make you healthy and fitter, you are sure to be there by now.

Get Well Soon Quotes (2)

Take the juice of good thoughts and drink it. Throw away the bitterness of regrets to become healthy and fit.
Sip the right liquid and sup on good food and keep laughing to stay healthy and in a good mood.
Good health is not child’s play but you can maintain it if you indulge in childlike play.
Fruits, nuts, roots and milk are the things to eat and stay away from thoughts that you stop you from being healthy and fit.
Health is not just wealth, it is something that makes its absence felt by stealth and takes away your breathe.
If a man could stay away from the negative thought, then his life would not be so fraught.
Thinking about sickness makes you sick, thinking about being healthy makes you healthy.
We want many things but the one thing that you need is good health.
Only when you abstain from food, sleep and laughter will you know their value the most.
A garden of wishes and a simple dishes is the best way to stay wealthy and healthy.
Talking about sickness is a good way to make the weakness grow and health become slow.
There is no color without you in my life, get well soon my friend so that there is no strife.