How to Easily Mold a Clay Face: 7 Easy Steps with Pictures

Hey beginner! I love sculpting too as you do and I must say, you need a brave heart to think of sculpting a face being a beginner. You must have keen eyes. Normally, people start with simple objects to start following the passion of sculpting and the turn to sculpt a face is way too far. Though, the tough task becomes easier as soon as you have a perfect guide to take to there. And at the end, you will proud for having so Easily Mold A Clay Face. Also here are some amazing clay arts that are really suitable for kids. No thanks, please! Wink!

How to Easily Mold a Clay face

Step 1 – Choosing Clay

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Choosing the clay starts after you know every type of clay and clearly understands which one stands perfect for your purpose.
Ceramic Clay – As you all know ceramic clay is water-based one and needs moisture while working. Wet hand serves the purpose though! Still, you have to keep on applying wet hands as to mold the clay as to avoid drying and cracking. People when complete sculpting the clay also fire hardens the structure as to make the stature permanent.

Plasteline Clay – When you think of sculpting something with intricate detailing, prefer Plasteline clay. Though, it doesn’t abide the feature of hardening the structure having rich in oily ligaments that keeps it soft.

Polymer Clay – Polymer clay always needs some support of an armature or wire as it is sculpted. Even though they cannot hold it for longer since they are weaker clays, they still can be fire hardened just like the ceramic clays.

Step 2 – Tools and Apparatuses

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Any crafts’ store would be available with all the tools and equipment required for the sculptor of the clay. Tools only make it easier for you to sculpt it and mold it to show minutes of the details on the face. Sewing needle serves most the purpose though! The wrinkles on the face or the eye bag linings or the lip outlining are well drawn using these tools and apparatuses.

Step 3 – Count Each and Every Feature

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What makes one human being different from another one are the features that they bear. Counting on each and every feature will make it recognizable. I prefer looking at the subject just before I begin as to completely understand the stature. Don’t forget to click some pictures from front view or from the side profile as to find the best one and make you available with each detail and sculpt the best one.

Step 4 – Form a Ball of Clay

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Whichever clay it is that you are going to work with, just form an oval ball as to start sculpting. The proportions, here, have the width and height of the face matter to make it look exactly in the shape of the subject.

Step 5 – Shaping into the Silhouette

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The basic silhouette of the face should be properly judged using the big print out of the subject. Notice every curve in and out as to shape your clay ball into a face looking just like your business.

Step 6 – Guidelines Matter

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Next step is to draw the guidelines or the reference line as to sculpt the eyes and nose and lips. These are basic and yet another important features that asks for perfection. Place a vertical line just in the middle of the face following by marking a horizontal line to sculpt the eyes. A halfway below the referral line for eyes will be another line where you would place your nose. Just below the nose will be another line marked as to place the mouth and complete the major faces.

Step 7 – Sculpting the Features

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Eyes come first and are the toughest thing to sculpt as you go on drawing other facial features as well. Use the spoon to make the socket of the eye and then smoothen the place as to remove unwanted creases as well.

Eyebrows are yet another companion of the eyes that must be accurate or else you will end sculpting a different face. Roll the cylindrical clay and stick it on the clay face further molding it into the face.

Nose, then, is easier to sculpt as compared to that of the eyes. Just make a pyramid and sticking it in the mid of eye right on the nose-line start to blend it duly. Know one thing before you are on with the blending part – you have to check two things while you are blending the nose. And that is, you have blended the nose properly with the eyebrows as to merge them both and give lively curves to the face. Polymer clay is actually a wonderful medium ofsculpture. So if you have interest in sculpting, just try out this one.
Roll two cylinders making one a bit broader and other a bit smaller and in shape of heart and stick them on the face as to Easily Mold A Clay Face. And here you go!

Bake it to harden it and you will get that amazing face molded easily doesn’t really matter if you are a beginner. Yeah, you did it!