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40 Strong Save Earth Slogans and Sayings

40 Strong Save Earth Slogans and Sayings

This year’s famous Hollywood movie “Avengers: Infinity War” has again fuelled the discussion about population control being the ideal method for saving the universe. This same concept was endorsed by the famous English thinker Thomas Malthus, who in his essay titled “ An Essay on the Principle of Population, published in 1798, wrote – that

40 Cute Brother and Sister Quotes and Sayings

The sibling relationship has sporadically been the subject of attention in almost every family. Sibling’s relationship is the only close family relationship with the potential to last a lifetime. When we talk about cute brother-sister relationship, we naturally emphasize more on sibling rivalry and those endless blame game fights. But as we move from our

30 Inspirational Spiritual Quotes about Life

Life is such a big puzzle to crack, that we all sometimes need to fall back on our motivational tank and refuel it with quotes and inspiration for the day. It is rightly said that one cannot stay motivated all throughout the life; but one can definitely refuel whenever one wants to. Spiritual awakening is

30 Funny Quotes Which Comes Handy In Everyday Life

When was the last time you felt that you have taken some time out for yourself and indulged in a self-treat? Or perhaps, from your busy work schedule, do you sometimes feel- only if had all the time in the world, you could get going on a solo trip. And what about the time when

Words Of Encouragement For Hard Times

We go through a life which is full of ups and downs, we always look forward to balancing that with our efforts. Good time runs with a great flow and hard times runs with many downs in our regular life. But during this hard time what do you really want? Yes, you want some inspirations,

30 Funny Minion Quotes with Pictures

These small, yellow creatures, wearing denim dungaree like dresses are reigning almost everywhere. From social media to television commercials minions are in huge demand. Bob, Kevin and Stuart- the trio have become household names. Despicable Me, (release year: 2010) was the first movie where we could see these creatures. After that we got Despicable Me