How to Make Arm Knit Blanket within an Hour

Arm Knitting, some of who have heard it for the first time. Actually, it is a process that is used to knit a blanket within a very short time. Once you have a look at it, you will get hooked up interestingly. As you can’t think of making a blanket within an hour and that’s going to be possible today. So you will hardly need any preparation to make an arm knit blanket at your home. So this pocket-friendly idea is worth your time. Don’t miss it out.

First of all, we want to say, knitting a blanket is not that tough as you are thinking. If you have some basic skills, you can easily make this one within an hour. So what can be better than making a blanket on your weekend holiday? Oh! Another thing is that you don’t have to go around looking for a needle to sew. You will need nothing. No hooks and no needles, you will just need your two arms to get the project done. Isn’t it interesting?

How to Make Arm Knit Blanket within an Hour:


3 Skeins of Yarn you think suitable for your project (You can go with your Color Choice)

Two Arms (Which you already have)

(and) Creativity


1. First of all, you will have to create the rows of stitches and for that, you will have to measure the yarn. Stretch about 12 feets of extra yarn and make a slip knot. Keep in mind that the slip knot needs to be large enough to fit your forearm just below the elbow. Now it’s time to begin. Now the slide the slip knot through your arms. So you will be getting two strands of yarn which is the tail and the working yarn. You will have to use the 12 foot tail for the casting on the first row.

how to arm knit a blanket within an hour 1

2. Now maybe you will get confused about how to hold the yarn while knitting. Yes, this is a very confusing process that most of the beginners get confused. So we should tell you, to remove all your confusion and make the full process much easier, you will have to hold one strand lopped over your thumb and one strand looped over the fingers. Look at the image below. If you can hold both the strands in your hand, the tension will be lighter.

how to arm knit a blanket within an hour 2

3. It’s time to cast the first row and you will have to make stitches there. Actually, the number of stitches depends on the size of the blanket you are making. So there is nothing much to discuss about the dimension, as it depends completely on you. The first row will take most of the time for making your blanket. The rest will be easily done. So the first row is very crucial.

4. Now using your arm that has the slip knot, take your finger and go under the yarn that is looped on your thumb. Slowly stretch the yarn upwards and loop it over the yarn on your fingers. Once it is done, pull the yarn on your finger upwards creating a stitch. Make it large enough so that you can feed your hand through the loop casting the stitch onto your arm. Then you will have to tighten up both the strands once you have it in your arms. They need to be really larger. Feel free to add stitches depending on the size of your blanket.

how to arm knit a blanket within an hour 4

5. The following rows are much easier than the casting row. If you have an excess tail, obviously push it off to the side. Now with the yarn that have the stitches, grab the working yarn or the yarn coming up from your skeins with your hand. Slowly pull one stitch off your hand and pull the working yarn up through the stitch. Now put your working yarn up through the stitch and put your opposite arm through this new loop you have just created. So this is the first stitch of your new row.

how to arm knit a blanket within an hour 5

6. You will have to repeat the above process for a number of rows you want to complete and that also completely depends on your desired blanket size. You can use your lap to measure the length. Now as you are working with the last row, do it same as the other rows and then when you have got two stitches on the row, take the first stitch and pass it over the second stitch. Knit another stitch and repeat the same process.

how to arm knit a blanket within an hour 6

7. Now once you have reached the end, cut your yarn and tie a knot to secure the stitches.

how to arm knit a blanket within an hour 7

So you are completely done with the process and now you can be sure how easy it is to arm knit a blanket. It is a matter of an hour and you can get a whole new blanket which you can use from now. Isn’t it too useful and pocket-friendly idea to go with? Look out for more interesting ideas on our blog.