What You Can Do With Your Old Musical Instruments

Not getting the clue about what to do with your old guitar which you don’t play anymore but is so much close to your heart? Or is there any old musical instruments that occupies your heart like anything but is no more working properly? Then probably you are finding an answer about what to do with your old mate and here we come to your rescue. You don’t need to sell it out nor need you to think much about it. We have some brilliant ideas for you about how you can make your old instrument perform again as a part of your home décor. Just use your aesthetic sense and creativity and your oldies are always going to remain with you in a different form. Let’s just dig into it.

What You Can Do With Your Old Musical Instruments:

1. Guitar shelf: Oh how cool is that! No matter if your guitar can not be played anymore. Just get rid of the outer body part and install two or three shelves inside it. Your guitar shelf is ready. Now color it bright to give it a vibrant look and your guitar is all ready and chic to be played in a totally different chord. Place it on your bedroom wall and store it with your favorite books.


2. Piano writing desk: Once a piano but now a writing desk? Yes, my friends that can be done. At a very first glance, it might seem to be just an old wooden desk but a closer review will leave everybody awestruck when they’ll find out that it’s not just a desk but it’s a piano desk. If you own an older version of opera grand pianos then the detailed carvings of the wooden work are worthy of preserving and what can be cooler than turning it into a desk.


3. Cello tuning peg necklace: Now that’s something quirky. If you have got a spare tuning peg, wondering about what to do with it and are just about to throw it into the dustbin, wait. Just wear it as a statement pendant around your neck. No investment and a great off bit style statement. SWAG!


4. Piano bookcase: Clueless about where to keep the grand piano lying in your house? We have a solution. Use it as a home décor option. You can cut the strings and after you have varnished the shell, just hang it on the wall. It is ready to provide you with musical shelves, enough to store all of your show pieces, books and knickknacks.


5. French horn fountain: Fountain is always so soothing to look at. And if it is a French horn fountain, nothing can be more artistic than that. Having a spare French horn at your home? Then just make a beautiful fountain out of it and place it in your courtyard. You can even customize it according to your liking. See, you are ready to welcome your guests with your own customized musical fountain.


6. Drum kit hanging lights: This can happen quite often that your son used to play drums when he was young but now he has lost interest and is something else. So naturally you are left with a big drum kit which is of no use. No worries. Turn that bass and snare drums into hanging lights. Add some extra jazz to your in-house bar corner. Hang the cymbals on the wall. Bold and beautiful!


7. Flute case turned table: This is the simplest project you can take up. We are writing about the flute case as that provides you with generous space to work with but you can take any of the instrument cases. Add two or three legs to it and paint it accordingly. Your adorable side table is ready.


8. French horn lamp: You might be very sorry if your French horn has just retired from his work. But giving your old friend a new look and new purpose is all you can do. What about turning it into a bed side lamp? The chic brass instrument will look gorgeous on the side of your bed. Just add a contrasting lamp shed onto it and fit a bulb. You are sure to get a good night’s sleep.


There is no big deal in throwing out the old instruments or selling them out online. Instead, use your brain and you can recycle and reuse your old instrument as the way you want. All you need is your creativity and some sense of home décor. And now as you have gone through all of our ideas you have surely got some off bit thoughts in your mind. So take up a project and turn your old instruments into some quirky, stylish and statement home décor items.