How to take Good Pictures of your Drawing (Tips and Tricks)

Drawing is the manifestation of art & art is the manifestation of emotions. It is one of the best, if not the best way to portray your feel about something. It is really important part of our lives. It may be the conventional or the drawing of various technological designs, the art and drawing play a huge huge part. Drawing helps to better appreciate how the things are to be seen and visualized. But drawing does not singularly communicate with a person, it also depends upon the talent of the observer, how he/she sees it.
Having said that it is highly important for artists to capture such artwork or drawings, so that it lives forever and ever. So it is essential as well as necessary to know how to take good pictures of your drawing. There are various permutations and combinations depending upon how you want to use the captured one. There are various tips and tricks to get it easily done and to make it look at par with physical drawing. Excited to know more about it? Well, take notes guys!!

How to take Good Pictures of your Drawing

1 First and foremost is selecting the camera, we could use the phone camera with high megapixels, but nothing could match the precision of scanned image. Scanner is used when the pictures are to be used for some high-profile art exhibition or something of such sort. So depending upon what you want to use it for, it varies. If it is just to be saved digitally for that phone camera will do the job but for exhibitions, scanner is required.

2 Secondly, the sort of lights to be used, nothing makes the art pop up more than the natural daylight. Daylight provides the best contrast which when captured, we get the perfect glow which does not look overdone. Different types of LED’s or tube lights can’t match that. Also make sure that light is even on the whole piece of drawing. There should not any minor shadow over it. It plays a major part in how to take good pictures of your drawing.

3 To click the picture crystal clear it is really important to keep the camera in a high stationary mode, else it becomes a blur and doesn’t capture the proper bits and pieces of the drawing. To ensure steadiness make sure you give some support to the elbows and hold the camera in a proper manner. You can even use chair handles to balance your hands properly.

4 If it suits you, you can use the other camera apps rather than the conventional mobile camera. If there is some app of that sort that enhances the pixel quality then there is no harm in using such an app. So, make sure to get the knowledge of each and every type of such application which supports your phone. This is a type of hack in how to take good pictures of your drawing, which makes your artwork pictures look better than others even though the quality of original physical art is the same. It even urges the observer to grt hold of the original artwork as soon as possible. Also, the amount of digital framework is on the spread, such pictures also provide the artists a huge amount of market which act as a motivation for future artwork.

5 Editing, it is a tool which is essentially the way to make the picture look even better than the original artwork. There are various types of such editing applications that can even change the nature of the drawing however the essence remains the same. You could change the brightness and contrast patters on the basis of surrounding light or the type of picture you want. Even the various filters can also be used to make it look astonishing.

So these are the certain tips and tricks on how to take good pictures of your drawing. Art is the most vocal thing, it speaks a lot. Secondly, it is at par with living things, it tell stories, it explains situations depicted in the drawing. So art is so sensitive and part of our conscience. So even though this is not a very difficult of task to take a picture of your drawing but is has various nuances which are to be kept in the mind for sure while clicking. Art and drawings are the part of culture and it is evenly necessary to preserve your culture. It is the way to explore while you see something, not only for the adult artists but even for the children it is very very useful as it is being mentioned in various reports that drawing make you understand better and visualize the things later in a better way. Also, it is being mentioned that drawing uses the part of the brain which is not generally used. So, both the drawing and the way to capture it are both highly important.