40 DIY small (Minimal) size Invitation Card Ideas

How about sending a quick birthday invitee to your close ones for a surprise bash you have planned for your partner? There’s probably not much-required hype created about the invitation cards, and they are considered the big thing to do.

Why Prepare an Invitation Card?

Whether it’s a birthday, party, marriage, or any personal event, it stays incomplete without your family and friends being a part of it. Pepping and sending personalized invitations to add a charm to the event. But do you worry about the cost?

Well, we have gathered some stylish, elegant, and minimalistic DIY invitation cards that can add further charm to any event or occasion. There are a few simple steps to create an astonishing DIY and inexpensive invitation of your choice.

Steps to Create DIY small (Minimal) Size Invitation Card

– Prepare an invitation template through any of the apps available online.

– Customize the design that matches your personality and event.

– Zip up the invitee and await the presence of your close ones.

Is it that simple? Even more! Keep scouting below to unveil information furthermore in the same context.

40 DIY Small (Minimal) Size Invitation Card Ideas

  1. Go for bright hues that complement the card design- Your invitation card must embark on the cheerful occasion and how you are willing to enjoy it with full pomp and gaiety. If it’s a birthday card, adding colorful rainbow sprinklers can incorporate a vibe of joy into it. Choosing a vibrant and appealing color scheme can further elevate the mood of your invitation card. Adopting contrast color schemes is also a wonderful idea when you are preparing an engagement card.

  2. Amalgamate various font styles that complement one Another– Adding further variety to your DIY small (Minimal) size invitation card ideas is possible by flickering with fonts and styles. One can go bonkers with their taste of fonts, and it’s a small change that can give a decorative flow to the invitation card. If skeptical, only modify the fonts in the header and let the remaining text stay plain. It gives a professional touch to your card.

  3. Give it an eye-catchy header– A striking invitation card design can further reach another level when you incorporate an eye-catchy header. Try out a funky pattern on your header, or a photo depicting the event in black and white gives a minimalistic touch. A neutral white background shade and a striking header on it make it a lot more eye-catchy and yet elegant at the same time.

  4. Add a Ribbon– A little extra can sometimes make things perfect, which is applicable for the DIY small invitation cards. Giving your card an additional gorgeous appeal is possible by tying it with a small tag or ribbon that gives an exquisite touch.

  5. Go creative– Minimalism demands creativity and an urge to do things out of the way. Adding some fancy edges or corners to the invitees, along with an exclusive cutter or punch, can be a good idea. Online stores have a plethora of fancy stamps, and you can pick designs matching your event. Give yourself a steady stand, and add some punches at the end of the card to give it that quirky appeal. However, ensure that you do not go much out of the way with this.

  6. Embossers are ‘Wow’– Next up in the DIY small (Minimal) invitation card ideas are the customized embosser to seal your invitation. Such embosser adds a subtle and elegant appeal to the card that your guests won’t escape or miss. Though it looks quite pricey, you can easily get them at affordable rates from online stores.

  7. Color your text in contrast to the background image– Adding too many elements to the background image can make your card hard to read. Thus, the first rule is to keep the background subtle. Here, you can use color filters to make your text stand out from others. Try experimenting with the color filter that looks stylish and adds a charismatic appeal to your invitee.

  8. Choose the center of attraction of your card– Another DIY thing to do with an invitation card is add one element that rests as the center of attraction for the whole piece. It could be anything like an image, twine, or the wax seal; that is the most focused part and accentuates the card’s appeal. Go for contrasting shades that act as a focal point giving it a classy look.

  9. Organize the Information on Invitation card– Preparing a well-balanced invitation card is possible when you organize and arrange it artistically. Adorning the card with a decorative image on one side and the color-block backdrop on the other can work wonders. Such a type of layout can go perfectly for all types of cards. Add some borders and calligraphy for further enhancing its versatility.

  10. Choose a Thematic Background– Final pick for the DIY Small (Minimal) size invitation card ideas is to choose a background image that syncs well with the text. The theme of your card would straight away reflect the purpose of the invitation, and the receiver would get the idea at a flash of an eye. Remember that the theme must not be very complicated, or the viewers might fail to identify it. Keep it simple, and you are good to go!

Hopefully, all the above-stated DIY small (Minimal) size invitation card ideas can enable you to create a simplistic yet amazing invitee of your choice. Minimalism is the new fashion! Perhaps, the fancy and expensive cards further make it a rare thing as people give a second thought before going to the freelance graphic designer to create a birthday invitation. Escape the fuss with interesting and simple invitation card ideas discussed above!