Beautiful DIY Cardigan Conversion Idea for Pregnant Mothers

Pregnancy period is the time when you will have to adjust with a lot of things. Actually this is a part of the motherhood and every woman has to go through it. But women feel very confused at this time thinking about the costumes. Yes we also agree that this is a very important factor. During this time the figure completely changes and you will have to think about some other ways to go with. All your old clothes will not fit and hence you will have to think for something new. But it is not possible that you will leave all your old clothes, so there is an outstanding way to repurpose your old clothes. Here we will come up with an amazing way to convert your old cardigan into your present size and let’s look into the tutorial.

Repurposing old things into new one is like an addiction and those who fall into it will start making out beautiful ideas about repurposing old object instead of throwing it into the dustbin. Here you will learn about making too short sweaters into cardigans during the time of pregnancy. You may this same tutorial over the internet but this is something different from the others. So if you are really looking for such idea then step into it.

Beautiful DIY Cardigan Conversion Idea for Pregnant Mothers

Materials Needed:

Two Strips of matching complimentary fabric that will be enough to repurpose the sweater.

Some buttons according to your wish or you can also use toggle.

Some length of elastic.

Matching thread, so that the stitches look good.


1. Make sure that the fabric you are using should be pre washed. This is a must do job as if you not wash it the fabric will just shrink. So please don’t skip this step otherwise after your stitch when you will wash your sweater it will pull in unattractive ways.

2. After you are done with the first project, next you will have to measure the fabric and then cut it into two strips according to the measure. Remember to cut the fabric strip two inches wide and at least two inches longer than the sweater length.

Beautiful DIY Cardigan Conversion Ideas for Pregnant Mothers 1

3. Now you will have to cut your sweater directly from the middle. Don’t forget to take the measurement before you cut it. It should be exactly at the middle. The best way is to draw some faint marks with a ruler and pencil so that you can cut it straight and nice. The more exact it will be the more it will look professional. Another thing is never stretch your sweater after the measurement is taken.

4. Measure 1/4th of the fabric on one side and iron it under that one long side.

5. Pin and sew the fabric strips to the cut potion of your sweater. Don’t skip the pinning. Sweaters often stretch and pull so pinning will help you to put everything in proper place where everything should be. Also you should increase the stitch a bit in length since you are working with sweater knit.

Beautiful DIY Cardigan Conversion Ideas for Pregnant Mothers 2

6. Flip the fabric strip over and fold under each side of the sweater. Fold the top and bottom portions under as well. Now you will have to pin and sew. And remember again not to skip the pinning. You can seam near the inside seam for which you think it is needed.

Beautiful DIY Cardigan Conversion Ideas for Pregnant Mothers 3

7. Now you are almost at the last step of repurposing your sweater and you have already made it. Add the buttons to increase the attractiveness of the sweater and it also looks very cute. While choosing the buttons you should keep in mind that the buttons should obviously match the sweater design. Now you should also make two button holes on the other sides with button holers.

Beautiful DIY Cardigan Conversion Ideas for Pregnant Mothers 4

Now you have already made the sweater and now put it on your body to see whether it fits or not. Of course it will fit as it has now been made keeping in mind of your size. No you can realize how useful the idea was. So if you have more such sweaters that are not fitting on you then you should also transform those into this project in the same process. Have a good time.