20 Best Kids Crafts and Activities

Usually kids feel bored while staying all the time at home. Actually they are so freckle, that apart from studies they always needs something to keep them engaged. And searching for some new things they will lead to a mess in the house. So it is the responsibility of the parents to look for something new in the indoors which will keep their children engaged in home. One of the great ideas is to keep them engaged in craftwork which is very useful to gather knowledge as well as takes a lot of time. Here you can find some beautiful craftworks and activities for the children to keep them engaged while at home.

Best Kids Crafts and Activities:

Paper Plate Fish: Although paper craftworks are not a good idea for the children. They make it within a few minutes and then clutters up the house. But in this case the creativeness is going to keep them engaged for a bit of more time.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities1

Sewing Cards: Sewing cards seems very interesting to the children. Let your kids make their own shapes and then cut the shapes and make holes in it. Provide them some threads to lace them. This is a great idea for the Christmas season.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities2

Cardboard Marble Maze: Kids enjoy it a lot and in addition they also gather some knowledge about making a maze. Big kids can make it without your help and it’s a great way to battle who can get the marble through the maze fastest.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities3

Pretzel Log Cabin: This project will need some parental involvement as it is a bit hard in that sense. But this project was so cute that we added it in the list. This is built around a small milk carton.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities4

Marble Run: Marble run is a great project for your intelligent kids. It’s very rare to find a DIY version of this one but ultimately we have found it. Amazingly it is made out from toilet rolls. This tutorial is originally published by powerfulmothering.com.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities5

Walking Stilts: There is no confusion that this is a genius idea. Bring some pairs of stilts and make a walking gear for your kid. You don’t even just have to wait for your kid to practice walking with them.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities6

Illustrated Cookie Recipe: One thing you will love to do with your kid is baking. Baking cookies at home is a very interesting process. Here you can get an illustrated cookie recipe which helps your kids to keep track of everything that’s going on.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities7

5 Snow Activities: This activity is ideal for all ages of kids and some of them may need a bit of parental involvement. But actually all the activities are very simple and really loved by the children while at home.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities8

Finger Knitting: Nowadays, friendship bracelets are very popular among the kids. But you can say your kid to try out some finger knitting with this simple tutorial. The project is very crazy and the tutorial is also very easy to follow up.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities9

Perler Bead Awesomeness: We mostly say that perler beads are the most suitable rainy day activity for the kids. But her you can see how cool and interesting it can be. Even it will be hard to take your kid out from this once they grow interest.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities10

DIY Lazer Maze: If you have multiple kids at home, it’s a great way to go with this one. Give a masking tape and a crepe paper roll to your kids and say them to create a maze through it. They will really go crazy with it.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities11

Slotted Building Discs: This is a great activity that will keep your children engaged for hours. Download the printables, cut from a construction paper and let your kids jump into it.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities12

CD Case Labyrinth: This is a similar idea like the third one in this list but still it is much interesting that it remains on a small place and of course a small ball. Everything is closed inside a CD cover.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities13

Marshmallow Catapults: It is a great fun to make and a great fun to play. Even the parents can also put their hands to play together.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities14

Origami Round Up: Origami is a great art to keep your kids hand busy all the time. It’s very interesting and even will be loved by every child.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities15

Flashlight Games: This is great fun playing with various shapes in front of the flashlight. It’s also a great way to engage a group.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities16

Toy Slot Box: Here’s a project that is absolutely perfect for your younger kids. Look at the tutorial nicely and it will teach you how to go through the activity.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities17

Painted T-Shirts: You will find lots of T-Shirt painting DIY ideas on the internet. But here let your kid paint over their own t-shirt. Turn the pint on to the t-shirt and iron it. Kids can create their own dimension of painting.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities18

Kool Aid Play Dough: This will tutorial will show you to make much simpler process to make play dough. Here you can also get bright colors and fun smells in the dough. Look at the tutorial.

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities19

Balloon Ping Pong: The activity is very simple but no doubt it’s completely genius in that sense. Really a brilliant idea!

20 Best Kid Crafts and Activities20