Different Types of Paint Brushes and Information About Them

This article is purely for the painters and for the people who are looking forward to start painting. We all know that painting is a very common hobby around the world. Not only this, people around the world also make their career with it. Because of the amazing characteristics and significance painting has, it is also a great fascinating part of a human life. But here we will deal about the technical part of painting. This article will take you through the different types of paint brushes, their names and their purpose. It is a must read article for the people related closely with painting.

Different Types of Paint Brushe:

Flats, Shaders and Wash / Glaze: This is one of the most common brushes that you will use in your painting projects. Normally it is used for stroke work, varnishing, floating, washes, blending and base coating. This is a very versatile brush and can be used for many purposes.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 1

Filbert, Cat’s Tongue and Oval Wash: Filbert is a flat brush but it has a rounded edge instead of a straight one. It almost looks like a cat’s tongue. It is a great tool for base coating and also used for blending. For its amazing shape it is mostly used for drawing flower petals, leaves and bird feathers.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 2

Chisel blender and bright: These are also the members of flat brush family but the hairs here are much shorter. These brushes don’t hold enough paint for long flowing strokes. It is mainly used for special techniques, blending and cleaning up of messy edges.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 3

Angular Flat: This is also a flat paint brush but with an angular chisel or brush tip. It actually holds and small amount of water and paint which results in a bad continuous flow. It is mainly used for doing tight shading and highlighting. This brush type is very useful in drawing roses and other different flowers.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 4

Round Stroke: Round stroke brushes come in a variety of sizes. Mostly they are used for strokes and water color. This brush is great for teaching brush control for the beginners. Beginners are always suggested to practice stroke works with this brush type.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 5

Liner or Scroller: They are from the family of round brushes. One of the most important features of this type of brush is that they come in various different shapes and sizes. So selecting the right liner is very challenging. The script liner brushes come with longer hairs than a regular liner. Using a script liner needs a lot of brush control in your hand as it may be difficult to manage the curves.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 6

Filbert Rake: Filbert rake is great fun for creating hair, beards, feathers, grass, furs etc. It is a flat texturing brush with an oval, naturally fingered shape Because of its shape it offers softer edges than a flat rake. The pressure on your hand while using this brush can create a lot of things.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 7

Mop Brush: Mop brush is mainly used for gentle blending and softening. This paint brushes quickly blur and soften hard edge. Mops come in a variety of shapes. Some resembles a make-up brush while some are flatter and stiffer.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 8

Stippler: Stippler brushes are useful for creating fur and foliage and to give an open general appearance to a painting. It should be always used dry and the pressure you apply during the pounching or stippling will determine the overall look. They come in various sizes.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 9

Deer foot Stippler: Deer foot Stippler is also a very useful brush used for creating fur and foliage. The shape of the brush is round and the bristles are long on the toe. You can use this brushes both wet and dry and like the ordinary stippler everything depends on the pressure of your hand.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 10

Fan Brush: A Fan brush is flat with its bristles widely framed out. It can used to drag paint along the surface of your painting. It can be also used to create textures while wet. It can be also used to create a wood grain effect.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 10a

Dagger Striper: This brush actually needs a lot of practice to use. But they are terrific when you learn to handle them. It is a multi-purpose gem. Load the brush with multiple colors and create great drawings.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 11

Fandago Brush: Fandago brush almost looks like a fanned mop brush. This brush has long hairs with shorter ones in between. All hairs have a very fine point on the end. And most interestingly it holds a lot of paint in it.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 12

Whale’s Tail: A flat brush with bristles cut in a V shape like a tail of a whale. It can be loaded with two colors and fully pressed to create a great results. Actually it comes for great design purposes.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 13

Wave Brush: Wave brush is very useful and used for a lot of purposes. Mainly these type of brushes are used to express the expressions and of a painting.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 14

Fountain Brush: This is another very interesting brush shape. It has a ring of bristles with a centre opening. It’s great for creating waterfalls, fountains, feathering etc.

Different Types of Paint Brushes 15