DIY Magnetic Board For Knife with Tutorial

Now after a lot it’s time to think something about your kitchen. Normally we think more about decorating our drawing room and bed room. But what about the room where all the tasty foods are made? Before thinking about the decoration of our kitchen, the first thing we should think is how that product will come into our use. Don’t mess up your kitchen with unnecessary things; kitchen should always be decorated with useful things. Henckles and Lagostina is a couple who made this plan to make magnetic knife board for their kitchen last Christmas and shared it on the internet. They also gave the solution as a tutorial which inspired us to write this article to popularize this idea among our readers. Find the real article on this source link Really it’s an amazing idea to attract anybody who has interests in making such DIY projects in their home. Scroll below and read the full article and see the illustrations to solve it out easily.

The author of this tutorial article shared his experience about how they were facing problems with their knife blocks. Actually these knife blocks take a lot of space which as a result the author has planned with this amazing new idea of a magnetic knife board.

But the most interesting part is that anyone can do this project at home with just a few materials and a little bit of effort. It doesn’t need any extra skill and not a very difficult project. Hence you can easily go through it at home.

DIY Magnetic Board For Knife with Tutorial

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You will need a few articles, some of which are easily available at home. So the first and foremost thing is that you will need a piece of wood, size of which is enough for holding 8-10 knifes as shown in the picture. If you have an old unused piece of wood at home, then its quiet good but if you haven’t then you can buy it from a wood shop as it will not cost much. Next you will need number of magnets to fix in the holes, a wall mounting hardware, a drilling machine to make the holes and a pencil to make the layouts.

DIY Magnetic Knife Board Tutorial 1

Now make a pencil layout of the blind holes you’re going to make. It is recommended to drill the wood first and then check out the magnetic strength. It may be possible that you will see that the strength is not strong enough to hold bigger knives. So as a result more holes should be added in such case.

DIY Magnetic Knife Board Tutorial 2

Now it’s time to drill out the rest holes in the piece of wood. Actually, while doing the holes, you have keep in mind that holes should be deep enough to hold the magnets but not too deep that it can be noticed from the front side. From the front side it should look like a natural piece of wood.

DIY Magnetic Knife Board Tutorial 3

So after you’re done with the holes, know you will have to insert all the magnets in the holes. The more the holes, the stronger it is. So make it a bit strong to hold bigger knives. To fix the magnets in the holes, use glue so that it doesn’t come out from its place.

DIY Magnetic Knife Board Tutorial 4

Now it’s time to make the arrangement to fix it in a wall. Actually it can be fixed in a lot of ways, but when you are creative in this matter, you should do it in a unique way. You have to fix the mounting hardware in such a manner that it remains hidden and looks like that the piece of wood is fixed in the wall. Take the mounting hardware and fix it in the backside of the piece of wood. Fix it well as it will carry all the weight.

DIY Magnetic Knife Board Tutorial 5

Now hang it in the wall, it will look fixed. Test it by sticking all your knives in it. Look for what your friends and neighbor say about it. Obviously they will like your work. But don’t forget to give the credit to the original author of this idea. You will find the original article at this link click on it to view. At the end we are very thankful to the author for sharing such an amazing DIY tutorial project for every people on the internet. Thanks and have nice day ahead.

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