30 Oil Painting On Canvas You Have Never Seen Before

Oil painting is a very old form of painting and artists are using since long years ago. But still today, oil painting has been successful to make its name on the list of most popular art forms. Those who are artists will agree with us that oil paints are used just for their rich versatility and quality. It is referred to the beginners just because the oil painting is a bit easy than any other painting medium in the world. Working with an oil paint is really fun but we always need some inspirations to make our work.

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Oil Painting On Canvas

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Check out some more Simple and Inspirational Oil painting ideas for beginners. Do you know that much famous painting in this world was made by oil paintings? One of the most popular examples is the ‘Monalisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci. Many other famous artists such as Van Gogh, also made many of his famous paintings in this medium. So it is also one of the most liked painting media of the artists. There are lots of reason behind that and yes we will discuss that in details.

Here are some oil paintings on canvas that you have never seen before:

Longer Working Time: If you are painting with oil painting, you are getting a longer working time. You can’t work quickly with an oil painting. Oil paints stay wet for a long time. Suppose you left off a painting now, and you can resume your work coming back after few hours. This is really a great advantage that attracts the artists. While the acrylic paints dry out very quickly so you get a very short work time.

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Blending of Colors: When you think of blending colors, oil painting gives you the full package of advantage. As the oil paints dry slowly, they can be marvelous while looking for subtle blends. So the painting which needs continuous revisiting and tweaking, oil paint is the best.

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Color Shift Problem: Maybe you have heard of the color shift problems which every artist’s face. In the case of acrylic paints, color shift happens immediately after you paint, but in the case of oil paints, no color shift is seen. It will be the same color in the canvas which you see in the tube. But in oil painting, the color may change after it completely dries out and that can be seen only if the oil from the paint sinks into the canvas. Here are some tips and techniques to go through oil painting that can make you a real professional within a very short time.

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Working with Thick Paint: Working with thick paint is really interesting but it can be a problem too. The positive side is that if you really think that you will need time for a painting, use oil paint as they can be really fantastic. You can work with thick paints, wait for few days to dry out and then add thin layers above it. that’s interesting but drying out may need a very long time maybe even a week. So you will have to be prepared about that.

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most beautiful oil paintings world
most beautiful oil paintings world

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So these are the reason oil painting is the most versatile painting medium. That is the only reason it is chosen by the beginners and even the professional artists. You will be getting more technical options in case of oil painting. Oil painting makes the whole procedure very interesting and thrilling. So oil painting on canvas is a very good idea to work with. If you are beginner you can also try out that and if you are professional just take inspirations from these oil paintings on canvas. They are really unique and mind blowing. If you really liked this article on oil painting, do share it with everyone you can.