Towel Ties And Decorative Pillows – How To Do It Yourself

If you are one of those people who finds it difficult to refuse any attractive opportunity in life then you will find many projects pulling you in. The fact is each of these opportunities may seem like a good business proposition. The fact is many of us would like to try out a lot of things. Though each of us have a lot of activities, duties and chores to complete in a day, there is a chance that if we find some activity appealing, we will make the time to take this up too.

It is only from such activities that you get ideas like pillow and towel ties as a business. It is something of a do it yourself deal that is pretty simple to undertake. It is something that can make any room look better. If you want, you too can learn to do this and harness the power of the internet to reach out and appeal to a bigger market.

Towel Ties And Decorative Pillows – How To Do It Yourself

The fabric and decorations required

: The fact is you can make these ties with fabric of your choice as it works with almost any type of fabric. Depending on the need of the hour and the preference of the person for whom you are making this, you can use the whole range of fabrics like silk, blends, rayon, cotton and even denim if you feel like it. The actual creativity comes in the part where you actually make the ties. You can let go and use buttons, feathers, fringes, braids and beads etc. In fact you can pretty much use any type of embellishment that you feel like using.

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The thing is that by using these and other decorations of your choice, you are adding a lot to the charm of the room without spending all that much. It works really well you are decorating for a younger person who likes to change the look of his or her room frequently. What is more, you can use patches of different fabrics too that are leftover from other projects to make an entirely new look. All you will need then is your creativity.

The supplies you will need for sewing


• The sewing machine
• A set of threads of different colors
• A nice sharp pair of scissors
• Straight pins to keep fabrics in place
• Straight pins
• A tape for measuring

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The steps to make the basic tie

: Most ties have to be around two to three feet long approximately and that too based on the size of the towel or the pillow as the case maybe. The tie should ideally be about six to eight wide in inches. Naturally this will also depend on your personal preference as well as the size.

• Start by washing the fabric first in cold water and dry well
• Iron out the fabric to ensure that there are no wrinkles
• Now measure and cut the strips in a width that is double the size that you want the ties to be
• Fold the right side to bring it together and then pin the seam
• Stitch the seam and press open to make a fold that is crisp
• Iron out the seams once more

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How and where you can use it

: These ties are perfect for towels and pillows and will add a touch of brightness to the room. For hand towels you can make the ties smaller. You can also use the tie to put around vases of silk flowers. Or you can lie the tie on tables to make a runner. You can also use the tie on hair, neck or even as a belt.

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Stitching the trims out

: You can decide on what choice you want to go with as far as matching the trim to the fabric. This can be made based on the color of the decor including the color of your walls, the color of the carpet and the hues of the furniture for which you are making the ties.

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When you are finishing work on the basic type of tie the ends of the tie will not be finished. It will be done when you stitch on the braiding or the fringe or whatever else and fold the ends in above the trim edges. Then pin the trim into place and you will need to baste it in using thread and needle to keep it in place. Once you are done with lots of these, then you can simply pin and start sewing.

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You also have the chance to put the braiding in the middle to change the look or even put in a stripe or braid on plain cloth. For fancy ties, you can add buttons or beads. As you can see once you have the basic techniques down pat, there is a world of possibilities for you to try out.