30 Different Ways to Reuse an Old Tyre

When you look at the annual figures in terms of the tyres that are gotten rid of, you will would be surprised. Many tyres are burnt and many are just thrown off. This is not good for the tyres and neither is it good for the environment. What if we were to tell you that there are many ways in which you can make use of old tyres?

We are sure that you would be delighted to know that there are several ways to do this:

Convert That Tyre to Pond Pump
This needs a few extra supplies but it is amazingly simple to do this. What is more it is a great addition to the beauty of your garden.

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Make That Tyre Swing
Another useful use of a tyre is to convert it into a swing. It is old fashioned and sturdy and will definitely put that smile back on your face. You can look up articles on the internet to find out how this is done if you have any doubts about it.

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Convert it into the Fountain of Youth
This may not be most picturesque thing that you do and pretty simple to make too. However, you will find that making this fountain may not be that easy to do but still it is worth the effort.

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Tyre to Table
Why not stack them up and simply affix or place a flat top to make it into a picnic table or even a study table, In fact, you can put this outdoors where you can place a cup of coffee or even take your work and do it on.

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Create Whimsical Characters into Them
While we are admittedly not all of us are artistically talented, this is the kind of artwork most of us can do. It is simple and great fun to do as a project.

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Convert Them into a Bench Press
All you need to do to start on this project is ensure that two tyres are firmly embedded into the ground. Then you can place a flat bit of wood on top to make it into a bench. After this is done, you know what to do!

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Rock a Baby Bye
Yes, we are talking about an old fashioned rocker. Saw the tyre in half and then place a plank or something flat or with a dent in between so that kids or you can sit on it and rock away.

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Garden Ornament That is Cute too
You can put in a seat inside the tyre and paint it to look like an insect or a snail to make it into a garden ornament. You will find that spending more time in the garden is something the whole family will love.


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Embed Them into the Ground
Create a Loch Ness monster like effect by embedding the tyres at even intervals into the ground. Spew about some pebbles to make a nice arrangement that will catch everyone’s attention.

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Plant Shrubs into Them
While we are talking about conserving tyres for the sake of the environment, then why not use this very tyre to plant plants in. Just think about it, this is a very simple but very pretty and easy solution. Just put mud in the hole of the tyre and plant some nice shrubs into it.

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As you can see, once you put your mind to it, finding alternate purposes for those used tyres is not that difficult. We have provided you with some ideas that you can use or get you started on some ideas of your own.

30 Ways How to Reuse Old Tyres

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Recycle old tyre into an ecological puff!

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