DIY Basic Mosaic Design Tutorial

Mosaic designs are something that always attracts us. Yes you can obviously say that mosaics were used since the period of kings but till this date, mosaics are that much demanding in all purposes. Actually it is a type of design that we can use for decorating anything. Nowadays it is being used to decorate furniture and new items. Actually mosaic designs can be used in any solid and dry surfaces like floors, wall, woods etc. so there is hardly any limitations. There are actually different types of mosaic designs. One of the best ways is to use pieces of tiles and broken crockery. So if you have any broken bone china starts using it to make a beautiful mosaic design. So let’s jump into the project.

DIY Basic Mosaic Design Tutorial:

Materials needed:

Safety Goggles

Nose and Mouth Mask

Selection of Tiles and China

Mosaic Tile Nippers

12 mm Plywood cut into desired shape and size.

Thick Felt Tipped pen

Cutting Knife

Waterproof Adhesive

Waterproof Ready Mixed Color Grout

Rubber Gloves

Mixing Bowl


Paint Brush

Wood Sealant


1. Draw your design on a piece of paper and make sure you are happy with the design. You can make any type of designs according to your wish and finally think of one which is really really attractive.

2. Now when your design is ready, trace it onto a surface which you will be decorating. Use a felt tipped marker to trace. If
the design is for outdoor use then it’s better to use marine plywood. And after you have completed tracing the design, score the board with a cutting knife before you fix the mosaics.

3. Now sort your mosaics, tiles and bone china according to colors. To get an idea of the quantity, lay them on the design you wish to make. See that it covers the whole area.

4. Now when you are sure that you have enough pieces to cover your whole design, you can begin gluing them. Remember to work one section at a time. Begin with fixing the outlines of each section, cutting and choosing the best shapes. Leave a small gap between each piece which will be filled with grout later.

DIY Basic Mosaic Design Tutorial 1

5. After you have done with the outlines, you can now start gluing the inner sections.

6. To make the design more interesting, introduce various colors and textures. Play with contracts of light and dark colors. So go on cutting and gluing until the full design is covered.

7. Now leave your design to dry overnight.

8. When your mosaic is completely dry now you will have to start grouting. The best option is to use grey grout as it provides the best effect. Apply a generous quantity of grouts on the mosaic and wear gloves to rub well in gaps between two pieces. Make sure you fill all the gaps at the edges and rub it well over any uneven surfaces.

9. Brush off all the excess grout and wipe the mosaic with a damp cloth. When it is completely clean. Let it dry for at least 24 hours.

DIY Basic Mosaic Design Tutorial 2

10. So you are done with the project.

You can use the similar technique with anything else like table tops, door numbers, pot stands, wall plaques or anything else that strikes your mind. Get a beautiful and attractive product with mosaic techniques. Try various types of experiments each and every time you make something new. But the fact is that you will have to make it with lots of creativity. So try out new things and just decorate your home with various beautiful craft ideas.

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