40 Brilliant Examples of Golden Color Paintings

You can make virtually anything in your house look expensive by doing one simple thing. Just spray it with gold spray paint! Gold is one of the metallics of the moment and adds a little bling to any space. From thrift store figurines that cost a quarter, to stuff you collect out of the yard, to inexpensive furniture, to ordinary tin cans that can be gilded with a coat or two of metallic spray paint to achieve an upgraded, trendy look in minutes. You won’t believe how this simple idea transformed these Examples of Golden Color Paintings into beautiful accessories.

Brilliant Examples of Golden Color Paintings

Brilliant Examples of Golden Color Paintings

Pine Cones

Collect some pine cones on your next outdoor adventure, then spray them gold for a less rustic, more glam way to decorate with nature.

Fridge Magnets

Paint those primary-colored alphabet fridge magnets gold so your kids can enjoy playing with them, and you can enjoy looking at them.

Accent Furniture

Change the look of an inexpensive piece of accent furniture by gilding the hardware, its legs, or even the whole top.

Fallen Leaves

One of the brilliant Examples of Golden Color Paintings is to Press fallen leaves, and then spray them gold for an inexpensive DIY place card on your holiday table. You could also hang them on the wall.

String Lights

The unattractive green cords on a strand of string lights can be classed up with gold spray paint so you can string them on your mantel, or on your child’s headboard.

Office Supplies

Elevate basic office supplies to the status of desk accessories. After painting them gold, you’ll want to keep this gilded set out on your desk instead of hidden in a drawer.

Upgrade Your Plumbing

Have an old bathroom with exposed plumbing? Blogger Lovely Indeed shows just how far a little spray paint can go. We adore this glam bathroom makeover, from the vintage sink to the gold mirror. Pick a spray paint that works on metals, and transform ugly, exposed piping in the space of an afternoon.

A Glitzy Bookcase

A bookcase painting looks like a million bucks but costs less than $100. In another example of gold spray paint’s seemingly magical properties, any simple metal bookcase from a home goods store can easily be transformed.

Golden Cardboard

Not ready to commit to an entire gold bookshelf? These simple gold bookends by Almost Makes Perfect are a lovely glam alternative. The best part of this simple DIY is that it uses up those Amazon boxes you’ve put off recycling for weeks on end.

Accent Your Cherished Photos

That beloved wedding photo deserves a frame fit for a prince which is one of the best Examples of Golden Color Paintings. Dip a cheap picture frame in gold paint; add a bit of gold glitter if you’re feeling extra spunky for an easy and classy up-cycle.

Wild and Gilded

Your bedroom light fixture is one of the most important elements of a well-decorated and cozy sleeping space. We love bedrooms that dare to be different, and this black-and-gold space is no exception. If the gold leaf chandelier is too much, you can paint a standard pendant or ceiling light fixture.

Give Your Bar the Midas Touch

These days, every well-styled home has an attractive bar cart ready for entertaining. While there’s a bar cart for every taste, we can’t help but be partial to this dazzling gold cart that blogger Sand and Sisal up-cycled in an afternoon. Add some faux marble (AKA well-made contact paper) and this bar cart looks like it belongs in an upscale Manhattan hotel.

A Touch of Gold

Not ready to commit to a whole piece of gold furniture? Paint some gold leaf on clear glass or ceramic vases for a chic look perfect for any floral arrangement. Moreover, you can also hang the item on the wall.

A Swoon-Worthy Bathroom

If you’ve never thought about using gold fixtures in your bathroom, this one will change your mind. These stunning Examples of Golden Color Paintings look chic with gold accents, but not over the top. Gold fixtures look great with almost any color scheme, but we love the simple white-and-black look seen here.

Mid-Century Glam

The sunburst mirror look dates back to the Middle Ages and French aristocracy but gained a great deal of popularity during the mid-twentieth century. It is believed that sunburst mirrors date back to the 15th century, maybe further, and are symbols of Apollo, the sun god. This little mirror packs a lot of punch and adds a dose of character to a wall over a sofa or in an entryway.

Gold-Accented Console

Give your entertainment stand a makeover by adding a touch of gold. Paint any metal hardware to modernize your old console. Upgrade the look by hiding those pesky wires.