DIY Redneck Air Conditioned Dog Bed Tutorial

We are already into the summertime and it’s time to settle with high degree Celsius. There is nothing bad about summertime but in some countries it really makes a difference. Tough sunny days, high rise of temperatures, increase of humidity and many other things altogether contributes to a really hectic and tough weather. Although, we humans, have a lot of options to get rid from all the summer problems, but what about those innocent animals? We can wear various summer outfits, air condition our rooms and interiors, fit coolers in every part of the house, have some chilled drinks and all. But all the things are not easy for these animals. So when we have a pet in your home it is almost your responsibility to think about their comfort. Like how you feel the summer, these animals also feel the summer. So always don’t think that they are adapted with the nature. Anyways here’s an amazing idea that you can do for your pet dog to give some sigh of relief in summer. Make a Redneck Air Conditioned Dog Bed with a very few materials and gift your dog. This tutorial by Doghaircrasher was posted in and we have collected it for you all.

First of all the things you will need to prepare this project are pieces of wood to create the frames all around, nails, 4” PVC pipes for the air distribution and the joiners needed to join the pipe, Fabric Fasteners, fabric to create the cushion for your dog, three exhaust fans as seen on the image, a power supply, small pieces of wire etc. Additionally you can keep some glue for sticking few substances.

Now before moving onto the tutorial, first of all you should see the picture of the original finished product so that you can get an outline idea of the project and that will obviously help you in making out the project easily.

DIY Redneck Air Conditioned Dog Bed Tutorial Feature Image

First of all cut pieces of wood according to the size to make out the frames needed for this bed. Remember the size should be accurate or otherwise you will have to face a lot of problem at the end. After you are ready with the pieces of woods, then take only a single piece of wood to cut holes in it. The holes should be made according to the diameter of the PVC pipe so that it fits easily into it. Three holes are enough for a bed. Now fit the pipe with joiners as shown in the image below.

DIY Redneck Air Conditioned Dog Bed Tutorial2

Take a PC power supply or if you have an old one in your home you can also use it. Fix that power supply into the same piece of wood near the PVC pipe. Now one by one fit all the fans into the respective holes with screw preferably. Now the main thing is connecting all the fans from the power supply. You should be very careful in this case; actually the electrical joints should be carefully made as it can harm your dog as well as you anytime. Once you’re done, check out that the fans are really working.

DIY Redneck Air Conditioned Dog Bed Tutorial3

Now, it’s time to create the rectangle frame by joining all the pieces of wood together. See the picture below as done by the author. It will help you to compare the project with yours. Now clearly see that the frame is strong enough to handle all these things.

DIY Redneck Air Conditioned Dog Bed Tutorial4

Take a T shaped PVC joiner and fix it on the other end of the PVC pipe. Wrap it around the frame nicely and tightly. You can also use zip ties to fasten it nicely to the frame. Now take the mesh plant shade material from the market to hold the dog and some fabric fasteners to stick it nicely to the frame.

DIY Redneck Air Conditioned Dog Bed Tutorial5

You should be careful that the fabric you are using for your dog is according to the size of the frame. If not, cut it according to the size. Now stick the fabric with fabric fasteners by stretching it nicely. You can also take help of someone so that the job becomes easy. The fabric generally stretches with time so it should be fastened in a well manner.

DIY Redneck Air Conditioned Dog Bed Tutorial6

By using the T shaped joint on the corner, you will be getting the second cooling port. So insert two frozen water bottles on two sides as shown in the picture below. The fans actually draw the cool air from these bottles and automatically cool the air inside.

DIY Redneck Air Conditioned Dog Bed Tutorial7

Now you are almost ready with the project, and it’s time to gift your dog this amazing product. Thanks a lot to the author who took out this idea from the mind and helping others to relief their dog. The full article is really an amazing one in that sense. We have said earlier that is not our idea and posted by an author in Here we are providing the original link (Source).

DIY Redneck Air Conditioned Dog Bed Tutorial8

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