What you can do with your Pebble Collection: 10 Great Ideas

So when you are into this article, you really have a love for crafts. So if you are into indoor and outdoor crafting, here is something surprising for you all. We use many different things in crafts and here we will be giving you the ideas of crafting with pebbles. Some people collect pebbles from the outdoors and make a collection and it is a beautiful hobby. But now you will get some ideas to make some interesting DIY objects from the pebble collection. Spend some time and get to know about the what you can do with your pebble collection.

What you can do with your Pebble Collection:

1. Stone Candle Holders: It’s very easy to create and look lovely at your indoors. Stones can be such creative and that also in such a simple way. You will have to choose the stones that are slight smooth and start the project. Decorate them with paints and hot glue them to create a stand.


2. Ocean Stone Bath Mat: Make this wonderful bath mat with just some cheap objects. You will need a rubber mat, some river stones and that’s all. You will have to use silicon to attach all the stones together. You will be getting a beautiful bath mat done by you in some couple of hours.


3. DIY Pebble Hangers: Stones can be used to create hangers and it’s true. As a creative person, you will always love creative ideas. This hanger idea will help you to hand your jewelries and other light things. Paint the pebbles to make them look more attractive. The idea is also temporary as you can remove them anytime.


4. River Stone Planter: getting river stones are relatively very easy and so you can beautiful planter pots in the simplest way. Take a planter pot and attach the stones to it as shown in the picture below. Now it looks like a planter pot made of stone.


5. Pebble Art: There are many ideas to make pebble art with your pebble collection. Now you will have to choose the design you will be making and then paint the pebbles according to that. Remember that the small stones come to use in most of the art ideas. So it’s the best way to use the small pebbles.


6. Stone Footprints: If you have a garden in your house, this idea is the one you should obviously try out. Choose the stones of appropriate sizes and create foot and toes as shown here. It looks really beautiful in the garden. You can also paint them as you want and can also leave them natural for the rustic look.


7. Rock Caterpillar: This project is a bit kiddy and if you have a small kid in your house, engage them in the project. They will really love this rock caterpillar. You will need perfect shaped stones, paint, and adhesive to put the rocks together. You can use it as a showpiece or again you can use it for any kind of interior decoration. Even you can create a whole caterpillar family with the help of your kids.


8. Stone Birdhouse: Stone Birdhouse project is a slightly on the tougher side among all the tutorials here. But yes, if you have crafting skills, you can obviously make it out. Make a house for the birds and they will get some shelter. Probably, you are thinking about the medieval period.


9. Rock Accented décor: Now this project proves that anything can be decorated with rocks. From photo frames to small boxes, rocks rock everywhere. If you want to bring a rustic appeal to anything in your house, you can decorate them with stones.


10. Rock Cabinet Knobs: Now rocks can be used a rustic cabinet knobs. Choose stones that are right for the size of your cabinet and start your project. This is something really unique and you have ever seen. Cabinet knobs are a bit expensive and so you can save some money from this idea.


So it’s time to get started. Yes, we all feel inspired after getting in touch with some beautiful DIY tutorials. Now it’s your turn to select the one for your next weekend holiday and start making it for your house. Crafting is very helpful for us as it relieves some stress from our regular life as well as we will be getting some beautiful things at home. Now probably you will not have to ask anyone about what you can do with your pebble collection.