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25 Thought Revoking Karma Quotes To Inject Positivity In Life

25 Thought Revoking Karma Quotes To Inject Positivity In Life

All karma quotes are powerful because karma itself is a spiritual concept based on cause and effect. It is believed that if one does good deeds in this world, then good things will also come back to them. It’s impossible for you to cheat karma if you do choose to cause harm. Some people often

Happy Elderly Couple in Love Quotes

Friends! Don’t you think there are few things extremely adorable and sweet as old couples? Have you ever cracked a smile at a pair of cute old-timers holding their hands in the street? Well, here’s to lasting love! From newlywed couples toasting with wine glasses to busy parents scrambling to find an anniversary cake for

20 Famous Art Quotes That Every Artist Will Love

Their imaginations always run wild, They never fail to pour out their heart, They are unique creatures, we call them artists, And the beautiful work they do is what we call art! There is nothing more incredible than seeing a work that came straight out of someone’s imagination. But do you ever wonder that what

40 Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes from Father

Time flies like dust and disappears right before your eyes. Your daughter might be a little kitten right now but soon she will become a grown-up firefly. With her every birthday, she will grow, learn and explore this beautiful world with her ‘Daddy’ by her side. Because we all know, daughters are the favorites of

30 Funeral Quotes For A Loved Ones

Losing a loved one can be extremely traumatic. It disturbs the whole life of a person – physical well being, mental well- being and the normal routine of a person, everything goes for a toss when they lose a loved one. But, isn’t that how a human life cycle is designed? When a person is

40 Best Disney Movies Quotes to Inspire you in Life

We love Disney movies! These animation flicks strike the right chord with us. And guess what, it’s not just small kids that have the love for these movies, even adults binge-watch them. And trust us, the people who watch them back to back are not to be blamed here. Disney movies are so engrossing and

40 Heartwarming Mother and Father Love Quotes

There is no love greater than a mother’s and no care bigger than a father’s. Though your mother carries you in her womb for 9 months, the father is also always there for his children. Did you ever wonder, why they are called FAMILY? Because FAMILY says, father and mother, I Love You. Here we