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How to Make and How to Use Paper Beads for Jewelry Making

How to Make and How to Use Paper Beads for Jewelry Making

Have some spare time and want to indulge yourself in some interesting DIY projects? Why not try making some paper beads for jewelry making? Paper beads are easy to make and the best part is that you can make them with anything you want. Any paper starting from newspaper, magazines or any other types of

Must Know Hand Embroidery Stitches

Remember those good old childhood days when our grandmothers used to make different fascinating embroidery stitches at the corners of a plain white handkerchief and all of a sudden it turned into a sophisticated piece of art? We all wonder about how beautifully they could have accomplished these stuffs. These stitches are tiring and take

20 Fashion Hacks Every Girl Must Know

Fashion is a very important issue for almost every girl as it is always related to the personality and statement. But in our regular life, sometime we face various problems with our costumes. It really becomes hard to deal with the problems. But there’s nothing to worry out because we have come up with 20