5 Creative but Small Movable Library Ideas

Movable libraries are such creatively designed vehicles which hold books on its shelves and are mainly used to provide mini library services to the outskirts of the city or to the villages where there is no access to the nearby branch libraries. In today’s article we are going to discuss about creative but small movable library ideas which are easy to make, their creativity and design will surely attract you towards themselves and they can fit into your home and courtyard also. The concept of mobile library dates back to 19th century and with every ongoing centuries this culture has become even more prominent and today, there are many interesting types of mobile libraries found in different parts of the world like Kenya, Somalia, Indonesia, Madrid, Spain, Seattle, Portland and what not. So folks, without doing further ado let’s jump into the article and let’s go through 5 such creative but small movable library ideas which are fun.

Creative but Small Movable Library Ideas:

1. Wooden mobile library: If you are a book worm and you just can’t do without them then this option is a sure try for you. It is easy but creative. Just use any of the wooden furniture which has 3 or 4 shelves to carry books. And just add 4 wheels to it so that it can easily roll and your mobile library is ready. Now place it next it to your bed at night time and pick up any book of your choice. During the day time you can just easily move it to your lawn area and can enjoy your favorite book over a hot cup of coffee. As simple as that!


2. Book truck: Sounding Funny! Isn’t it? Heavy duty-book trucks are often used by the librarians in Yokohama and Tokyo. What if we take the path breaking idea from them and make our familiar book- truck! If you have a mini sized matador lying at the backyard of your house, then just turn it into a book truck. Just work on the interior a little bit, make sturdy shelves, fill them up with your favorite books, add 3 or 4 stools inside so that you can sit and read along. You can even add a mini kitchen to it so that you can make your tiffin when on a trip. And you are ready to travel to any place with your very own book truck.


3. The kid’s corner: Well we have also ideas for your little kiddo. If your baby loves books and you planning to gift him something on his upcoming birthday, just go with this option. You can make carts on wheels and can easily store your kid’s books there. Any 3 or 4 shelved steel or wooden furniture will do. Just make sure it is sturdy enough. For some added creativity you can paint them with lot of imagination or you can give it a quirk look by pasting some cartoon motifs to it. Your kid will love it to bits and he can easily move it to the pool side or the backyard and can have a solitary reading.


4. Bicycle book mobile: Mobile libraries are often used to promote reading into such places where there is no access to the main libraries. A cute bike library is a great way to connect with such readers. They can perfectly roll out into the park, along the city ways or anywhere else. These bike libraries can be stuffed with kid’s books, journals, magazines, newspapers and any other types of reading material. Add some quirk message on the body of the book space like –‘stories on the pedals’ or something like that. These bikes have comfortable, adjustable seats and easy steering provisions and it has plenty of storages too.


5. Donkey library: This is the most offbeat idea in our list. Actually you can also use your horse or camel as your book career. This idea of mobile library is used in the villages of Venezuela and Columbia to promote reading into far off places. This may sound a bit crazy but it has served many of the poor rural children. Actually donkeys and horses can carry huge load so why not use them for such noble work?


Mobile libraries are famous throughout the world. You can use them for yourself and for the sake of community reading. We hope you got some new ideas about movable libraries and how creative they can be. They can be small or big according to their purposes. Like in Kenya, Camel library service is available delivering books to many rural people. They are fun and they are noble because they offer reading to the people who have no access to modern day library. So that’s all about it.