10 Innovative Ways to Décor Home With Wine Bottles!

Have you ever thought of re-using the wine bottles? Can there be a better alternative than to dump them in a recycle bin? Yes, there are ample ways to décor home with wine Bottles. The empty bottles can inspire you to go creative with them and spruce up with attractive interiors or exteriors that sure up home styling. Isn’t it delightful that guests coming to your place get amazed with such rustic home décor ideas?

Wine Bottle Home Décor Ideas

After scouring down through numerous DIY options for Wine Bottle Home Décor Ideas, here are the most appealing ways listed below:

Cut them to Create Tableware

Ways to Décor Home With Wine Bottles

Don’t worry; you do not need to blow Glass for this simple transformation. With a simple bottle cutter, you can easily transform empty wine bottles into wonderful tableware. You can also paint them with the folk to create some artistic designs on them. Best way to do this dunk the bottles into boiling water and then in ice water to break it easily at the scored line. Smoothen the edges using sandpaper, and it’s ready to adorn your table with rustic home décor ideas!

Paint Vases

Ways to Décor Home With Wine Bottles

Another amazing wine bottle home décor ideas include the transformation of bottles into artistic vases embellished with glass enamel. You can also coat the interiors using various shades and use them as a decorative piece at the entrance of your house. Such old bottles are also available at the flea market at affordable prices. Dishwasher-safe enamel paints are accessible at several craft stores online. Wash the bottle evenly with soapy water and apply some surface conditioner to the glass bottle. Swirl the bottle with proper coating and allow it to dry for an hour. Dry it with a paper towel, and your flower vases are ready!

Print photographs

Ways to Décor Home With Wine Bottles

Outsmart the concept of traditional style photo frames with the trendy new ways to décor home with wine bottles. Memories are something that never fades off and rather become something that people cherish for lifetimes. If you are looking for some rustic home décor ideas, the ideal way is to use old wine bottles for table decorations or votive holders. You can get photographs imprinted on the super-thin decals with a paper backing. After this, you can give a coat of varnish and apply it to the smooth glass surface. Finally, trim off the edges to give it a final finish!

Make your home brand

Ways to Décor Home With Wine Bottles

How about using the old wine bottles for storing a new style of drinks? Be a mixologist and apply some new techniques to prepare a decorative bottle infused with various drinks to welcome your guests. This type of wine bottle home décor idea can be further enhanced by listing some instructions and adding a private label to it. It is also a wonderful option to give some as a gift.

Make a Lamp

Ways to Décor Home With Wine Bottles

A romantic dinner set up on the table with wonderful tiny lights lit in decorated bottles on the top would look spectacular! If you are searching for ways to décor home with wine bottles, give this one a shot. You might have often observed such a setting at the buffet tables or the bars. This looks impressive, and you need to fill up oil and wicks in the bottles. However, such cheap home décor ideas can illuminate the whole place wonderfully. Another option is to set it over a sturdy glass stand and ensure that the bottles stay balanced.

Shampoo and soaps

You can always adorn the most underrated place in your house, a bathroom with attractive glass bottle décor. It is an old practice to hide the soaps beneath the sink. A modern option is filling up the bottle with a liquid or shampoo and putting a spout on its top. It looks elegant and innovative. Paint it with some soothing colors or apply a thin sheen sheet to add value to the home art. These are definitely amazing rustic home décor ideas for sure.

Convert into Classic Candles

Glass bottles and candlelight can work wonders for most people. Choose a wonderful vintage wine bottle to shape another cheap home décor idea. You can either get it from the flea market or occupy random wine bottles at home. Clean them with warm water and use paper towels to absorb all the moisture from inside them. You can preferably choose a wide-neck bottle and create a candle setting over it. Add some colors to the wax to give it a further interesting touch.

Bird Feeder

Next in the list of ways to décor home with wine bottles is using it as a bird feeder. Use your styling instincts to brush up the old bottle into a bird feeder. Make holes in the bottle so that the seeds trickle out easily.

Message board

Wondering how can this be possible? Transforming your wine bottle into a chalkboard is also a great idea. Start writing with small notes of buying the groceries or a reminder of the meeting. It is fun and looks stylish as well.

Storage Container

Another way to incorporate wine bottle home décor ideas is utilizing the bottle as a storage container. Upgrade your kitchen to glass storage and replace them with old plastic tumblers. It is a perfect pick to store lentils, grains, rice, and other dried goods with it. This would give a new and modernized tweak to your kitchen interior.

Wrapping up

There are several wine bottle home décor ideas that could help you to create something incredible with the old stuff that you have. Such cheap home décor ideas can prove helpful not just to adorn your house but also to offer a budget-friendly solution for expensive décor items that you otherwise invest in. Glass is 100% recyclable, and you cannot harm the atmosphere by any means. But utilizing adapting unique ways to décor home with wine bottles can give it a new recognition and decorative tint.