20 Easy Animals to Draw For Practice

Do you know that kids love to draw? They will find a great fun in drawing various things around them. If you are an animal lover you will surely want that your kids also have their soft corners for animals. But drawing animals is not at all an easy thing for kids as they can hardly make the shape. But it will be possible for them if you really teach them. Here we have collected step by step illustrations of drawing different animals that will inspire your kids and will grow a confidence in them. Download the templates and teach your young one to draw beautiful animal shapes.

Easy Animals to Draw For Practice

Chimpanzee : Kids love chimpanzees and here they will learn to draw this cute animal with just a bit of practice. So it’s time to develop chimp drawing skills.

Learn to Draw Animals 1

Bat: Whether it’s a Halloween time or not, make your kid learn to draw a bat. They will really have some fun.

Learn to Draw Animals 2

Bear: Some kids think that bears are scary. But their point of view will change once you make them draw this cute bear.

Learn to Draw Animals 3

Bee: Bees are always amazing in the eyes of kids. So make this a favorite summertime project in the vacation.

Learn to Draw Animals 4

Bison: Bisons are really dangerous with thick neck ruff and horns. And it may be very difficult for a kid to draw a bison. So follow this tutorial.

Learn to Draw Animals 5

Butterfly: Tell your kids to make the color pencils ready. Once they can draw the outline they will have to make up a colorful butterfly.

Learn to Draw Animals 6

Camel: Camels are really amazing and so just teach them the drawing and tell them some interesting facts about the animal.

Learn to Draw Animals 7

Cat: So ultimately one of the most popular pet animals. Your kid will really love to draw a cat which they see regularly around them.

Learn to Draw Animals 8

Caterpillar: This is surely going to be the cutest caterpillar you have ever seen. Your kid will just start loving the caterpillars.

Learn to Draw Animals 9

Cow: Here’s the animal which we all love because they are associated with our life. But yes this is a cartoon cow.

Learn to Draw Animals 10