How to Deal with Kid’s Why Questions

If you have a kid you will know what is the importance of this article. Actually, almost each and every parent face this problem when their kids grow up. Actually, kids are very curious and they want to know about things around them. You are a mother or a dad, so they will obviously come to you for their doubt clearance. ‘Why?’ is always what you will hear from them at a stage of your growing kid. There is nothing to be afraid of that, rather you should prepare yourself to deal with all the question you will be facing.

You will have to make yourself understand that kid’s love to know everything. When you was a kid, you also behaved in the same way maybe you don’t remember that. It is what every child do, so there is nothing to get annoyed by the why questions. Know how to deal with all these. Sometimes children get more satisfaction in playing a game they have made themselves. So make your own homemade games for kids.

How to Deal with Kid’s Why Questions

Why they ask ‘Why?’

Actually, we think as the kid grows up, they start annoying us with questions. But you are making a mistake. This is a very good sign for your kid. In fact, you can be sure that their brain is growing. When their brain starts growing, it is a brain exercise which every kid do. They actually know what they see and the other they try to connect the dots by asking these questions.
Listening to questions with Interest:

When they are coming to you with a question, you should give a couple of minutes to hear them with interest. If you don’t do that, they will slowly stop questioning you and that’s where their brain will stop developing. So listen to them with interest and behave calmly.
Answering the questions:

Whatever maybe the question, it is not always you will have the answer. No one of us knows about everything. So if you know the answer to your kid’s question, then give them the answer. But your duty is to make your kid understand what you are trying to tell. Otherwise they will repeat the same question after few days. Once they understand, they will never repeat the question to you. Make them understand what you say.
If you don’t know the answer:

If you don’t know the answer to what they are asking. Just tell them you don’t have the answer just right now. But if they give you some time, you can try to gather the rich answer for them. They will agree and you can try to know it from the internet or maybe your friends.
Try to give the make the answer straight and easy:

This is something for which you will have to work in mind. While giving your answer, you should remember that it should be very easy and simple. Try to tell them in their way so that they can relate well with that.
You should be Positive:

Whatever you are doing, you should be positive. Never show negativity from your side as it makes the child think negative about that. A child should not be shown negativity and it puts them into depression. So may be you have the answer or you don’t have the answer, just deal with them in a positive way.
Try to respect them:

Try to respect your kids from their childhood if you really expect the same from them. Kids do what you make them learn. If you don’t respect them, they will not learn to respect anybody. Don’t avoid what they say just because they are kids. No, don’t do that. Respect them from their very young age. Here you can understand what are those good manners your kids must have.
Try to trigger the ‘Curiosity’:

If you see that now you are not feeling afraid or not getting annoyed by the questions, you try to trigger their ‘Curiosity’. Yes, that will make them learn about a whole lot of things from you and also from their friends and teachers. Don’t think you are alone who are attacked with questions, the teachers also face a lot of questions. They give it with a perfect demonstration. Why can’t you? Once they will be able to know things on their own, they will not ask you anymore. So the process will automatically end.
So probably now you don’t have a problem as you know how to deal with kid’s why questions. Remember if your child learns about something, it is you, who should be proud of. Be proud of your child as they are eager to learn about a lot of things. Don’t blow the candle of knowledge in them. You will be responsible for that. Let your children study and know what they want, respect the independence and it is very important to them good lessons.