How to Make Animals With Clay Easy Tutorials For Kids

For children, making animals with clay can be a lot of fun. They will enjoy making them with their own hands, once they know how to make animals with clay.

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Normally, people start with simple objects to start following the passion of sculpting and the turn to sculpt a face is way too far. Though, the tough task becomes easier as soon as you have a perfect guide to take to there. And at the end, you will proud for having so Easily Mold A Clay Face.

How to Make Animals with Clay

Kitty Cat

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Make a ball of clay, and then press the four sides to make a rectangle for the body. Press the two ends of the rectangle and cut each pressed end with a scissor to make the four legs. Make the tail from a long piece of clay. Attach the tail to the body. Make a round ball for the head, and press the eyes area with your thumb. Make a small hole for the mouth and put a small-flattened ball of red clay for the tongue. Make ears and nose. Attach the head to the body.
Thanksgiving Clay Turkey

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Make a round base of yellow clay, along with one in brown and another in white. Use a clay knife to make feather lines and place the three on top of one another. Make a round body and paste it on top of the white clay. Add the orange collar and make feather lines with the clay knife. Paste a round piece of clay for the head; add a yellow beak and eyes. You have the cutest thanksgiving turkey once you know how to make animals with clay.
Cat on a Pillow

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Roll black clay into thin pieces for stripes. Make four legs. Make an oval shape for the body and make a tail. Make a ball for the head, with a hole for the mouth, and two pressed areas for the eyes. Add stripes. Attach the body to the head and the tail. Add tongue, nose, eyes, and ears. Roll a small round piece of clay into a spaghetti shape to make a pretty collar for the cat. Take different colored clay to make a rectangle, and place your clay cat on it.
Easter Bunny

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Take a ball of clay and knead it into an egg shape. Press the eyes area and add small black beads for eyes, paste the nose and mouth. Take a bigger oval piece of clay for the body and attach the head to it. Add the tail, hands, and long ears. Place a colored clay egg into the bunny’s hands and you are doing great with how to make animals with clay. Also here are some amazing clay arts that are really suitable for kids. 
Clay Camel

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Make a ball of clay and then shape it into a cone. Roll a sausage shape and bend twice for the top of the head. Flatten the other end so that the body can fit on it. Make two flat half-moon shapes for eyelids. Roll two balls into flat eardrop shapes for ears. Roll two thin and short sausage shapes for the smile. Make four legs. Roll darker clay for feet and use the same clay for a tail. Attach the feet to the legs. Attach all the pieces for the face, and then attach the head to the body.