40 Scrap Fabric Reuse Ideas to Make New Fashion Statements

Have you gone through the term fast fashion? This is probably an emerging trend that many new-age millennials stick to, and it’s cost-savvy. Reusing the old or worn out textile cloth is a smart way to create a blend of interesting styles and give it a fresh twist. It’s pretty much like being a designer

40 Classy Black Room Decoration Ideas

Are you hunting for some Classy Black Room Decoration Ideas? There is a noted myth that if you paint a room in a dark color, it makes the room look small comparatively. But it is just a myth. Certainly, we are sure that dark colors are the most integrated colors. Instead, black makes a perfect silhouette! People

40 Indian Minimalist Pooja Room Decoration Ideas 

Are you scouting for Indian minimalist pooja room decoration ideas? Ranging from traditional wooden jail designs to contemporary marble and sleek panels, there’s a lot to explore when designing the most auspicious corner of your house. Keep synced to know about various options to ornate the mandir space tastefully! Significance of Pooja Room Pooja spaces

10 Not to do Things while Sketching

Some people are born with innate talent, and sketching is one of them! Traditionally, sketching was a rough drawing executed either for a painting or an informal drawing. Gradually, it matured as a unique art form that holds a lot of significance. With a knack of not to do things while sketching, it is possible

Tiny Baby Sculptures

40 Realistic And Adorable Tiny Baby Sculptures

Sculpting is an art where you need to have a lot of patience. After all, creating something real look-alike from clay is not easy and definitely takes time. For a beginner, the art of sculpting seem daunting but you don’t need to worry. Keep patience and be ready to practice. It wouldn’t be easy to

6 Simple Yoga Poses For An Effective Digestive System

Apart from mindful eating and identifying the food items that cause digestive issues, it is important to incorporate asana, proper sitting posture, the right sleeping position to have a positive impact on digestion and gut health. This is because Yoga poses help to stretch the muscles, massage the internal organs and stimulate the digestive system.